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#bookreview for Words of Wonder, an #anthology of #shortstories and #poetry written by students of the Creative Writing Course at #Nottingham College @GreenWizard62 @PhilPid1

Words of Wonder is the latest anthology produced by the creative writing students of Nottingham College. Here is my review. At Least Seven Ways to Hate Carrots by Emma Penny This is a wonderful non-fiction piece about food. I loved … Continue reading

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#bookreview for “A Midnight Clear” and other stories by Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie @jaydawes2 #shortstories #TuesdayBookBlog

A Midnight Clear This is an uplifting story of a woman standing alone in London and contemplating the breakdown of her marriage, the significance of the bells as they start to chime more poignant than ever before. Magic Christmas Alice … Continue reading

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#RBRT #bookreview for Jonah by Carl Rackman @CarlRackman #psychological #suspense #thriller #paranormal #military

I am a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team and chose to read Jonah after seeing some other reviews for it. I received a copy of the book from the author but this has not influenced the content of … Continue reading

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A #bookreview for Dark Words by Paul White (Dark Tales and Darker Poetry) @fluffybunnypj dark and emotional #poetry and #prose #TuesdayBookBlog

I received an advanced copy of this book from the author but that has not influenced my review in any way. I chose to read this book because I like dark, emotional stories but I am not that fond of … Continue reading

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A Publication Day #Bookreview and Excerpt for Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies by Barb Taub @barbtaub #humour #parenting #families

The Blurb ONCE UPON A TIME… Chapter 1. A California girl named Barb met her prince of a guy. He was tall, dark, and handsome. (Actually, he was a Republican. But he was definitely tall.) They fell in love, and … Continue reading

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#bookreview for Straight from the Heart, an #anthology of #prose and #poetry from the students of #Nottingham Central College @GreenWizard62 @PhilPid1 @NoveletteMW

I shall start this by saying how much I like the cover, the maze showing that despite the title, Straight from the Heart, love, in all its forms, from finding it, to keeping it, is anything but straight forward. Life, … Continue reading

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#bookreview for Silent Night by Wendy Clarke @WendyClarke99 #RBRT #Christmas #shortstories

I don’t generally set out to read feel-good or Christmas stories but just recently I’ve only felt able to tackle something short and I’ve needed that, I know it’ll be all right in the end, guarantee of a satisfying conclusion … Continue reading

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#bookreview for L.A. Punk Snapshots by Brenda Perlin @BrooklynandBo #punk

L.A. Punk Snapshots has been available for a while as a paperback but I was delighted to see it released as an eBook and having enjoyed Punk Rocker, reviewed here, and L.A. Punk Rocker, reviewed here, I was keen to download … Continue reading

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#bookreview for medical mystery, A Kiss before Killing by Keith McCarthy #RBRT

There is plenty of death in this medical mystery with a higher than expected rate of patient deaths at the hospital, which alerts Dr Claire Woodforde to the fact that something’s wrong, and then the first body is found in … Continue reading

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#bookreview for practical self-help book, How I Motivated Myself to Succeed by Shelley Wilson @ShelleyWilson72

I’ll be honest and say that generally self-help books don’t form part of my reading but after picking up How I Changed My Life in a Year (click on the title for my review of that book) out of curiosity, … Continue reading

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