26Jul 2014

I would like to thank E.L.Lindley for gifting me a copy of Business As Usual which I have greatly enjoyed reading. Very well written and fast paced we meet Georgie Connelly who is rather embarrassingly, and reluctantly, undertaking community service after a misunderstanding.

06Jul 2014

Six months ago I hadn’t heard of flash fiction and I can’t remember what introduced me to it now but I really like it. I’ve had an attempt at writing it and after manhandling my novel loved bashing something so small into shape. I’ve even entered a competition that Huntingdon Writers’ Group were running – but […]

07Jun 2014

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Wiz Green this week on Around the Cauldron. His interviews are hosted by Green Wizard Publishing who publishes the innovative works of Mark Barry. To give you a little snippet of Barry’s work I have on my ‘very soon to read’ list Carla – a dark and […]

01Jun 2014

Since becoming an indie author I have found myself deluged by books and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. You see I can’t refuse any book that I come across, whether it’s free, on offer or made attractive enough to me by its author – and as you’re all weavers of wonderful words, that’s not […]

08May 2014

I’ve been nominated by Terry Tyler for the Writing Process Blog Tour – thank you Terry! Here is her post Terry Tyler’s Blog Terry has written seven novels, her latest, which has only recently been released and is already receiving great reviews is Kings & Queens. She has also written a great collection of short […]

11Apr 2014

This was a first for me, I’d never been to a literary festival before so decided to attend this year to see what it was all about and bought a ticket for a Masterclass: The Modern Publishing Landscape with Rebecca Swift, co-founder of The Literary Consultancy, the UK’s longest-established editorial assessment service & Debbie Young, […]

10Mar 2014

Last time I blogged it was on my rather worrying upcoming visit to my local Writers Group  and the possibility of my “coming out” (you will have to read the previous blog to understand that!) and this is the follow up.

03Mar 2014

There is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt at the beginning of my second novel, Before the Dawn, which goes:- ‘We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face…………….we must do that which we think we cannot.’


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