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I’ve been tagged in the Work In Progress (WIP) Blog Tour by prolific contemporary drama and romantic suspense novelist Terry Tyler (thanks again, Terry!), who is currently writing a sequel, Last Child, to the very popular Kings & Queens.  You can read her post HERE and follow Terry on Twitter @TerryTyler4. 

The rules: Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you.  Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP, then nominate four other writers to do the same.

My WIP is the second book in The Grayson Trilogy called Before the Dawn, and is the sequel to A Single Step (click the title if you would like to see more about this book). Although a romantic suspense trilogy, A Single Step is all about the romance with less focus on the suspense. The reverse is true in Before the Dawn. The suspense is paramount. Whilst not forgetting, of course, about the romance which, as with all new relationships has its fair share of ups and downs – although possibly in a slightly more dramatic fashion than most of us have to deal with!

This is the first time I’ve had to talk about Before the Dawn and I find it very difficult. I hate the thought of giving anything away about plots or characters preferring readers to discover for themselves. However I realise that’s hardly going to entice anyone into buying it in the first place is it – so here goes…

Trouble is coming to Melton Manor and when an attack is made against those on the estate Emma Grayson gets caught in the middle finding herself, and those around her, in terrible danger. There is bloodshed and pain and Emma has to face up to her fears. Both those brought by the enemy and others by the one she loves.

Does that sound alright? I wish I had the cover to show you, but it’s not quite ready – a reveal will follow! So…I’ll show you A Single Step instead!

A Single Step - Final

Here are the first sentences of the first three chapters which may well be different by the time you read it!

Chapter 1

He’d been gone a week.

Chapter 2

By the morning I didn’t feel so positive.

Chapter 3

My thoughts, as I drove back, were confused.

So there you go; they’re all very short and sweet aren’t they??

Here are the people I’m tagging – click on their name to go to their blog/site:


author of Party Games, a tale of plotting and skulduggery in the heart of Westminster


author of contemporary, commercial fiction including the Georgie Connelly Series

If anyone else wishes to be tagged in here just contact me and I shall add you to the list.

Now – I’d better get on with finishing this novel off!

About Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose is a writer and the author of the romantic and suspenseful Grayson Trilogy books: A Single Step, Before the Dawn and Thicker than Water. A short story, The Joker, based on a favourite character from the series followed and is free to download from Amazon. Her fourth novel, Parallel Lies, a standalone, encompasses crime along with Georgia’s usual blending of genre. Following a long stint working in the law Georgia set up her own business providing administration services for other companies which she does to this day managing to entwine that work along with her writing. Georgia’s background in countryside living, riding, instructing and working with horses has provided the knowledge needed for some of her storylines; the others are a product of her passion for people watching and her overactive imagination! Her busy life is set in a tranquil part of rural Cambridgeshire in the UK where she lives with her much neglected husband and dog. Their son, currently at university, comes and goes and their daughter, having delighted them all for long enough, has eventually moved out, got married, and is discovering the joys of being all grown up and having a mortgage.
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  1. It sounds interesting Georgia . I very much enjoyed your first book and am looking forward to reading the sequel when it’s published. 🙂

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