My Interviews, Guest Posts and Things!

I have been very fortunate to be featured on some fabulous blogs – here are the links to some of them – others to follow!

I was interviewed first by Wiz Green for his Around the Cauldron blog which I thoroughly enjoyed and if you’d like to take a look you’re just a click away here 

A Single Step appeared on Day 5 of the #MysteryNovember Book Tour

I joined Emma Gray on her Blog for a natter around the Christmas Tree

One of my highlights of 2014 was being asked to take part in the Brilliant Books Project at Seely School in Nottingham. The purpose of this project is to encourage reluctant readers with the aim of inspiring them to choose a book to take home to read. If you want to see how I got on and possibly view an embarrassing video of me (if you really have to!) then click on the link and enjoy!

I was invited on as the letter G in Luccia Grays April A-Z Blogging Challenge

My day was Day 8 on the Beach Reads Blog Tour of 2015!

On the run up to the release of Thicker than Water I was invited back Around the Cauldron – fabulous fun!!

Across the pond I was interviewed by Brenda Perlin for her Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles BlogSpot and there’s a book review of TtW!

I visited Linda Huber’s castle in Switzerland to appear on her Blog

My Writing Life featured on the lovely Whispering Stories Blog

A Spanish based Author Spotlight and Review followed on Rereading Jane Eyre with Luccia Gray

I was delighted to appear on The Z Files, hosted by Terry Tyler, where I am proud to be a Capricorn 🙂

My Rosie Amber Reviewer Profile

The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 10 featured Before the Dawn

I was thrilled to be invited to have Coffee with Barb Taub where we discussed Characters to Kill For…

Imagine the joy to find your book in someone’s Top 20 Reads of the Year – I was bursting to find Thicker than Water made it on the Between the Lines Blog 🙂

My second appearance on Brilliant Books took place recently at Nottingham Free School and you can read all about it right here! I loved it 🙂

I have been honoured to be on the Because Good Writers Read blog by Carrie Ann Lahain – there was a author interview here and a Guest post on the Next Shiny New Thing right here.

Patience is a virtue – was the subject of my Guest post for Linda Hill on her lovely blog Linda’s Book Bag.

I was interviewed by the very impressive Miss Khushi Kaur on I Am My Mummy’s Happiness

I was honoured to find Thicker than Water on the Favourite Opening Lines post on Between the Lines

Elizabeth chats with… Georgia Rose (Elizabeth Ducie)

The Brilliance of Small Characters on Between the Lines

Top Reads of 2017 – Between the Lines

My Favourite Books of 2017 – Lost in a Good Book

The Two Lines that Sparked Parallel Lies – Behind the Willows

The Importance of Beta Readers – Sassy Redhaired Book Reviews

I was delighted to find another author, Anna Rashbrook, who writes about horses, dogs, drama and romance (not necessarily in that order!) and was invited onto her blog, So Where’s the Snow?

Colleen Story invited me onto her Writing and Wellness Blog and I was totally honest in my responses to her questions – It got a great response from many other writers who have the same struggles.

Jeanne Felfe, who has said some wonderful things about Parallel Lies, has a lovely blog and I enjoyed my visit to have a Chat with her in August 2019.

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