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I’m a writer and the author of A Single Step, Before the Dawn and Thicker than Water, the novels that make up The Grayson Trilogy. I have also released a short story about a much loved favourite from the series which is called The Joker. After the trilogy it was time for something new, something different… so my latest novel, Parallel Lies, is now available! Exciting, huh!

A product of rural England the countryside setting is the theme running through my books. I love strong characters and developing them brings me joy. My characters are not just human though and, with a passion for animals, horses had to feature, along with a cat and one very special dog, although not necessarily all at the same time!

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I’m also a proud member of Huntingdon Writers’ Group which has a brand new sparkly website right here if you fancy taking a stroll around it. And if you’re local, or even if you’re not, feel free to come along to join us. We’d love to meet you! 😀

Also, if you do live in Cambridgeshire, and use the library, my books are available to read for free from there, and if they are not in your branch you can order them in from another.

Here they are on the shelves of my fabulous mobile library!



My Anniversary Mega-Giveaway has finished!

The draw has been made by Rafflecopter and Dawn B from the USA has won all of this…


…you can see full details of the draw right here!

The prize, worth £150/$200, includes a Kindle Fire + a Sherbetbox + signed paperback copies of all my books, and much, much more.

Thank you everyone for taking part! This was such fun I shall definitely be running another giveaway very soon… stay tuned!!


Parallel Lies is my latest release – yay! – and the reviews are in! 😀

You can get it anywhere right here…

‘For those who admire character-driven thrillers, who can handle brief but shocking violence, and who enjoy beautiful writing’ Barb Taub 

Parallel Lies Ebook Cover Small

The Blurb…

My name is Madeleine, Madeleine Ross. It is a name chosen with thought and because it is classy, and that is what is needed here…

Madeleine Ross has life exactly as she planned it.

Cosy cottage, friendly village, satisfying job.

Company… when she wants it.

It’s an enviable existence for an independent young woman, and one she’s keen to protect.

Enter Daniel – strong, dependable and a danger to everything she’s built. He’s not something she was looking for, but hearts can’t be controlled and maybe, just maybe he might be worth letting into hers.

But, all is not what it seems. Because Madeleine is hiding a lifetime of secrets. Deep secrets.

And they never stay buried for ever.

Her darkest secret returns, like the proverbial bad penny. He is her first love, shadowy, dangerous, the baddest of bad boys. No matter how far she runs, or how well she hides, she can never escape him.

Or her past.

Here he is, on her doorstep, with a proposition she is powerless to resist but which could devastate the future she hoped to have.

Can Madeleine satisfy the old love while keeping the new?

You can’t always get what you want but, desperate to preserve the life she has worked so hard for, Madeleine is willing to risk everything to prove that she can.


Like the sound of that? You can get it by clicking on this link 🙂


The Joker, a short story about a character from the Grayson Trilogy is now permanently free everywhere!

The Joker Complete

Other Big News!

I can also now tell you all about the new venture I now have up and running… or better yet go and check it out for yourself right here…

Three Shires Publishing

It’s very exciting!! 🙂

Meet Emma Grayson, my heroine of the Grayson Trilogy, in A Single Step, the first book in the series.

You can however get a copy of A Single Step completely FREE via My Book Cave by clicking this link right HERE

I am delighted to say that all of my books are now available in paperback from these wonderful outlets!

The Oundle Bookshop

Oundle Bookshop

The Oundle Bookshop

The Racehorse in Catworth

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The Racehorse, Catworth

The Snooty Tavern in Great Staughton

The Snooty Tavern

Niche Comics – Huntingdon’s Independent Bookshop

Niche Comics 2

Also, how fabulous are these as a marketing idea! If you fancy some to promote your own book click on either of the photos and you’ll be transported to the delights of Cake Topper Designs!

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One of my highlights of 2014 was being asked to take part in the Brilliant Books Project at Seely School in Nottingham. The purpose of this project is to encourage reluctant readers with the aim of inspiring them to choose a book to take home to read. If you want to see how I got on and possibly view an embarrassing video of me (if you really have to!) then click on the link and enjoy!

And now I’ve been asked back 🙂

I had a terrific afternoon at Nottingham Free School earlier this year and you can read all about it on the official blog post right here!



So, onto the books! They have been described as mysterious and romantic adventure stories, which sounds good to me and you have your first chance to meet my heroine, Emma Grayson, in A Single Step.

A Single Step – the first book in The Grayson Trilogy

A woman wracked with grief. A man with a troubled past. Will trust build a bridge between them or will it be destroyed by dark secrets?

Shattered by her daughter’s death and tormented by her husband’s infidelity, Emma Grayson seeks refuge in solitude. As she slowly re-enters the real world, she takes on work at the sprawling Melton Estate’s stables. Initially distracted by her painful healing process, she realizes that the property’s handsome manager carries his own sadness…

When Emma is thrown from her horse and badly injured, Trent provides tender, selfless care. She doesn’t want to appear ungrateful for the lonely ex-RAF man’s support, but her anxiety keeps her silent. After his secretive past surfaces and events take a dramatic turn at the estate, she can’t help but feel violently unsaddled all over again.

Will Emma ever find inner peace and love again, or is she destined to live with only heartache and pain?

A Single Step is the first book in the Grayson Trilogy, a dark romantic suspense series. If you like wounded characters, slow-building romance, and page-turning twists, then you’ll love Georgia Rose’s powerful novel.

Buy A Single Step to uncover a heartbreaking English tale today!


A Single Step 300ppi

This is the new cover, beautifully designed by SilverWood Books .

All my books are  available as paperbacks  from this site as well as from Amazon (sorry I can’t do digital copies due to the new VAT rules) – just click on the BUY THE BOOKS button at the top of this page.

If you are interested in taking a further look at A Single Step please use the link below and you can choose which retail site you’d like to use:-

If you are kind enough to  download (or buy the paperback) and read my book, thank you, it is much appreciated and I hope you enjoy it. If you are able to leave a review, of whatever rating, that would be wonderful and thank you, it really does matter!

So next up is the second book in The Grayson Trilogy – it is packed full of romantic suspense (with the accent on the suspense!) and is the stunning Before the Dawn!

The New Cover!

Before The Dawn - Final cover - Kindle resized

Beautifully designed by SilverWood Books

The Blurb!

 …he moved closer and slowly ran the point of his blade along my jaw line as he spoke softly, intimately, to me. 

“So, you are Trent’s woman. Now that is very…appealing.” I glared back at him silently.

There are testing times ahead for Grayson and Trent as trouble threatens Melton Manor. When an attack is made against those on the estate, Grayson gets caught in the middle finding herself and those around her in terrible danger. Terrified when she thinks tragedy has struck again she fights to protect those she now views as family and, suffering bloodshed and pain, confronts her fears – both brought by the enemy and by the one she loves.

If this is in anyway tempting to you please check it out here:-

The Last in the series, Thicker than Water, is now available

The Evocative Cover

Thicker Than Water - Final cover - Kindle resized

The Blurb – intriguing?

‘Vaguely aware of the tremor in my hand I ran my fingers up through the thick locks of his dark hair. Fear clutched at my heart as I sensed the icy tendrils of grief reaching for me once more.’

As the overseas action steps up a gear for Trent, Emma has her own challenges to face. Loyalties are tested and vengeance sought when she attracts interest from an unwelcome source.

Because someone is coming. Someone who has Emma in their sights.

Someone who will turn her life upside down… forever.


And that all important purchase link:-

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Author Interviews – now, if you follow my blog or have visited it at all you may well see that I have started doing the occasional author interview. I am doing these to coincide, where possible, with the release date of a book. So if you are an author, if you have a book coming out and if you fancy coming on a (virtual!) walk with me do get in touch and we shall see what we can do 🙂 Although I should add that I do like to be friends with those I go walking with, so get to know me first, I’m easy to find on social media. 😉

I’d like to end with these words from the Dedication in Reality Bites, a terrific book of short stories by some of independent literature’s most vibrant voices – twelve tales of hope rescued from the abyss…

The book was dedicated to “all those august and intrepid readers who ignore the supermarket shelves full of humdrum thrillers, tepid romances and laughable eroticas – the modern day ‘penny dreadfuls’ – and have the bravery and imagination to buy independently written, published and distributed books.

We, the Independent Authors, love you.”

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