Thicker than Water


Thicker than Water is the third book in The Grayson Trilogy, a series of mysterious and romantic adventure stories.


A woman beginning a new life. An assassin with a highly personal target. Will her unpleasant past lead to a fatal conclusion?

Emma Grayson is loving married life at Melton Estate. Even though the manor’s secret relationship with MI5 prevents the quiet day-to-day routine she’d prefer, she wouldn’t trade what she has with Trent for the world. But when a joyful surprise collides with a staggering discovery, old wounds threaten to rip her happy existence apart.

As she tries to cope with her new reality, British intelligence agents deliver frightening news: someone is out to kill her. Can Emma use her newfound strength to defeat a determined assassin, or will her tragic past stamp out her bright future?

Thicker than Water is the thrilling conclusion to The Grayson Trilogy romantic suspense series. If you like engaging characters, dark twists, and heroic finales, you’ll love Georgia Rose’s captivating climax.

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Thicker than Water is available as a paperback or ebook.


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Editorial Reviews:

‘The Grayson series is all about the characters. The plot is incidental to the relationships Emma develops, which come to the boil in this third segment, so if you are a reader who enjoys a bit of psychology with their romance – and Thicker than Water is the most realistically romantic of all the sections – you will enjoy this.’ Green Wizard Publishing

‘Georgia’s writing is a breath of fresh air.’ Lost in a Good Book Blog

‘This was a fulfilling read that was both entertaining and satisfying. A perfect escape from my everyday life.’ Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles

‘You will not be disappointed with the ending to this entertaining trilogy, on the contrary, the ending makes having read the series worthwhile. Lucky those of you who have not read it yet!’ Luccia Gray

‘This is one of my all-time favorite trilogies and I highly recommend it.’ Book Lover Circumspect4

‘This is such a satisfying conclusion to a terrific series.’ Barb Taub Blog

‘It’s extremely well written and crafted, with surprises and suspense, and completely held my attention from the beginning.’ Between the Lines Book Blog

‘THICKER THAN WATER delivers the romance, suspense and, especially, the final satisfaction readers of this series pine for.’ Carrie Ann Lahain Blog

‘A truly majestic end to a gripping trilogy.’ Ajoobacats Blog

‘I’d call this trilogy a tear soaked, romantic adventure. If that kind of thing is your style go pick them up – all of them. They only get better as they go!’ Behind the Willows

‘The story is very well written, develops smoothly, and fans of romantic adventure will love this book.’ Saylingaway Blog

‘It’s part love story, part family drama, part suspense with a big pinch of action adventure thrown in for good measure.’ Lindley Reviews

‘Georgia Rose has again pulled out all the stops to give her fans an escapist adventure novel of high quality.’ Whispering Stories


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