Before The Dawn


Before the Dawn is the second book in The Grayson Trilogy, a series of mysterious and romantic adventure stories.


A woman recovering from tragedy. A love blossoming under pressure. Will an English estate’s powerful secret spoil her beautiful future?

Emma Grayson is starting to heal. Her growing intimacy with Trent, an ex-RAF property manager with calming protective instincts, helps her to cope with her tragic past. But when the true undercover nature of the sprawling Melton Estate comes to light, Emma’s old feelings of betrayal bubble to the surface…

Shocked by the Manor’s powerful and shadowy connections, Emma fears the clandestine activities will put her quiet job and her new romance at risk. But after the estate comes under attack from Russian gangsters, she must put aside her doubts to save lives with or without Trent’s help.

Can Emma find the inner strength to protect the ones she loves, or will Trent’s dangerous assignments take their love away under a hail of gunfire?

Before the Dawn is the second book in The Grayson Trilogy dark romantic suspense series. If you like plucky heroines, romance under pressure, and breath taking twists and turns, then you’ll love Georgia Rose’s gripping novel.

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Before the Dawn is available as a paperback or ebook.


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Editorial Reviews:

‘Before the Dawn is a roller-coaster, a not-to-be-put-down adrenaline junkie’s dream of a thriller.’ Barb Taub Book Blogger

‘Here we have contemporary relationship problems, drama, intrigue and mystery and superb characterisation. What more could you want?’ Lost in a Good Book Blog

‘There’s a marked increase in the action and pacing in the second of The Grayson Trilogy and I was hooked into the story from the beginning.’ Between the Lines Book Blog

‘Georgia Rose’s real skill as a writer is most evident in the way she gets her readers to actually feel the emotions of her characters.’ Lindley Reviews

‘The descriptions are wonderful, full of energy, and crisp.’ Rosie Amber’s Book Review Blog

‘I loved the jump straight into the action from the start of the book, it kept me reading and eager for the story.’ Rosie Amber Book Blog

‘This book was an excellent follow-up to the first book and a very suspenseful read!!’ Blog Lover Circumspect Blog

‘Georgia as with the first book has a really wonderful way with words and the way that she describes the characters, the landscapes and the action is beautiful.’ My Little Book Blog

‘I was holding my breath through the action part of the book, feeling fear and foreboding for all the characters I’d come to know from the first book. Again the horses had important roles of their own in the excitement, which added to the action.’ Ajoobacats Blog

‘I’d call this trilogy a tear soaked, romantic adventure. If that kind of thing is your style go pick them up – all of them. They only get better as they go!’ Behind the Willows

‘I believe this book will appeal to those who enjoy straightforward fast-moving action thrillers. Sometimes a sequel can promise much, only to disappoint on delivery but not in this case.’ Whispering Stories

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