I underestimate time, do you? I always think things are going to take a far shorter amount of it to complete than they do.

I was reminded of this this week by another underestimation. We have had our small driveway re-laid this week in ‘unbreakable’ pavers. Last week we bought in all the supplies based on our builders advice. Amongst these were 6 bags of building sand. However, there have been many trips for more building sand over the course of the week. I’ve been told I’m exaggerating when I said that at the latest count we were up to 28 but it won’t be far off that. It seems I’m not the only one who underestimates.


I thought I would spend one day this week getting my final three books loaded up to Draft2Digital but in fact it seems to have taken all week. I’m just hoping I now have all the right files loaded up with the correct links all in their proper places. I need to do a bit of checking on that but haven’t quite managed to do that bit of the process. Still here are the links for any of you who have Kobo’s, Nooks, or another sort of ereader, or who simply like to buy somewhere other than Amazon:

A Single Step


Before the Dawn


Thicker than Water


Now this is what I wanted to ask you – and if you follow me in more than one way, firstly, thank you, but secondly, you may see more than one of these requests. Sorry about that. What I am wanting to know from any of you who have read any of my work is, can you think of any really well known authors who write the same sort of stories as I do, or, whose writing style is like mine? I know it’s a big ask but I could use the information for some possible marketing I’m maybe going to attempt in the future.

If you have any ideas please leave me a comment or drop a line to me on info@georgiarosebooks.com. Thank you.


In other news, I’ve requested an audition from a different narrator at Findaway Voices for The Joker as apparently they couldn’t get in touch with the first one I chose.

My possible narrator for all the novels is currently reading the books and trying to sort out some recording equipment so hopefully things will fall into place there in due course.


And lastly, but of course most importantly, I’ve been getting into my stride with the writing, at least towards the end of this week. Here we go…

Project B – Hill of Beans –  previously 5532 words – still 5532 words.

Project C – Parallel Lies sequel – previously 15,876 words – now 17,357 words.

Have a fabulous week everyone, it’s going to be hotter than ever here xx

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10 Responses to Accountability Post #13 ~ To Reach that Goal ~ #amwriting #selfpublishing
  1. I’m the opposite with time – I always think everything’s goint to take longer. Probably because I can’t stand last minute rushes. Am always early for everything. I get to railway stations with 40 minutes to spare. Which is odd, because one would think that you would be Capricornly pessimistic and I would Leoninely optimistic, insted of the other way round!!!

    Sorry, can’t help with the famous author thing, but then I don’t read much in your genre. Do it subtly, though… I am sure you will!!! (Don’t want any potential readers doing what I do: ‘Oh, I see, reckons he writes like Philip K Dick, does he? We’ll see about that’ *poises finger to highlight criticisms* !!!!)

    • I hadn’t thought about it from a star sign point of view, T. How interesting is that! I don’t think I’m that pessimistic anyway actually so perhaps that’s where I’m not so Capricorny 🙂

      I won’t be mentioning any famous authors name in relation to mine, don’t worry. I had a wonderful review on The Joker (which was recently removed for some spurious reason as I don’t know the reviewer) which mentioned two mega authors that my writing was like and was incredibly flattering, but I could never have mentioned them in the same sentence as my own. Far too embarrassing.

  2. Draft2Digital is a lot easier than some, but you still need to make sure you have included everything. As for finding authors who write in a similar style/genre, this is something I have wondered about too. (I suspect we read the same advice when it comes to self publishing!) I keep meaning to spend an afternoon browsing the category lists on Amazon, more for somewhere to start. If you find anything more productive, I’m sure you will let us all know…

    • I’m not sure I know where to start with it, Anita. Plus with my natural British reserve it feels like you think a lot of yourself to liken your work to anyone well-known. That’s why I thought I’d ask the question. Plus a lot of people read far more than I get to and would have better knowledge on these things anyway.

  3. I’m not sure I underestimate time so much as overestimate what I’m going to achieve in it 😉 I’m impressed by how your word count is going up!

    • Oh!! That is it, exactly! You have got it absolutely, E. I overestimate what I can achieve in the time available. I think the word count is going up terribly slowly actually, although I do tend to do quite a tight first draft so perhaps it’s not too bad.

      How’s the next chapter for James and Georgie going?? Don’t think I’ve missed that we are back in the school holidays so I hope some words are going to be added to that MS over the next few weeks!!

      • You’ve increased by almost 2000 which is not bad going. I’ve got lots of bits of paper with hand written chapters but none of it typed up – which is always the worst bit for me. And you are right the first day of the school hols today so I’m hoping to do something productive. I have so many plans so lets see if they come to fruition 😀

        • That is great to hear, E. I have no problem typing up notes, I don’t have to think then! It’s when I have to come up with new stuff that I get bogged down – haha! I wish you a productive holiday and hope you get out of it what you want. 😀

  4. Hiya,
    There is a website created by a Russian software programmer called, “I write like…” It analyses your sentence structure word choice etc and compares them with famous writers. Could be useful to you?
    Lovely to hear your news. Things are a bit slow with me. I’ve lots of research/ reading material to get through andI’m hoping to get my head down and writing again in Sept when I will have lost one girl to Uni. (yes!)… just one more to go.

    • Thanks for that tip, Skilbey, I shall go and give that a try. I hope you enjoy the last, full time, weeks with your girl. They’ll be much more time for your writing once you get to September I’m sure.


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