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Business as Usual

I would like to thank E.L.Lindley for gifting me a copy of Business As Usual which I have greatly enjoyed reading. Very well written and fast paced we meet Georgie Connelly who is rather embarrassingly, and reluctantly, undertaking community service after a misunderstanding.

She is a documentary film maker which I thought was an original and interesting angle lending itself easily to the possibility of further stories. Georgie is short tempered and difficult but I immediately liked her. Beneath the prickly exterior is a warm hearted soul willing to go the extra mile to help the people she meets. She finds many, particularly social, situations awkward which made me feel empathy for her and Lindley portrays this rather flawed character, as well as all the others, skilfully and consistently throughout the book.

Georgie is already in trouble due to a previous documentary she has made about a white supremacist and despite her friends, Eric and Callie, arranging for an old friend, James Finn, to help protect her, this threat comes swiftly to a violent conclusion.

Georgie is meanwhile setting up her next project with a Russian gangster who is the head of a seedy underworld of drugs, prostitution and people trafficking, Maxim Petrov. Wanting to be portrayed as a successful and legitimate businessman Petrov is charming and personable but as Georgie works to expose him she realises too late the dangerous position she has put herself and those around her in.

Throughout the story James Finn struggles to look after Georgie and she gives him a hard time but there is an attraction growing between them which I couldn’t help hoping would develop but I’ll stop there not wanting to give anything away. The ending was perfect. This story was satisfactorily concluded, but plenty of scope was left for further stories to follow.

I will definitely be reading more by this talented and entertaining author and I highly recommend Business As Usual to all readers who like strong characters and fast paced action thrillers.

Business As Usual is available here:

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You can find E.L. Lindley on Twitter @LindleyE

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  1. Gosh you get through so many books Georgia. I can’t keep up with you. This is yet another book that I like the sound of. The problem is that there are so many good Indie books out there, I can’t read them fast enough. BTW I’ve just managed to get my gravatar to work at last by reverting to an old photo. 🙂

    • Georgia Rose says:

      Thanks for the comment Diane and yes I think you would like this book! It’s the start of a series though so yet more to add to my TBR list 🙂 I have committed to a couple of online book review clubs so feel I should keep the books moving along. Thanks for all the ‘likes’ this evening and for sorting out your gravatar! I have been messing with my site this evening and there is now a different sign up to the blog by email on the home page in the sidebar if you fancy trying that? It might be more successful than the follow button. Good to hear from you 🙂

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