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It’s Carla’s third birthday so it seems fitting that in my catch up of adding older reviews to my blog I put hers up today. If you want to find out more of how she came about there is a terrific new blog post out telling all…

Carla is a book that will stay with me for a long time*. The mark of great storytelling for me is whether or not I can leave the characters whilst I’m reading and my emotions after I’ve finished the book. If I say that I read this in less than a day and I didn’t want it to end you get the picture.

I rooted for John, I loved Carla, it made me cry and I was left feeling bereft (this is always a good thing!). The characters were wonderfully drawn and the detail of the darker aspects of John and his history so knowledgeable and assured I trusted Barry completely. Truly brilliant writing in a style I love and I shall definitely be reading more from this author.

*This it turns out is an understatement…I only have to turn to that opening page to want to read it all over again…and wish it was for the first time.

This review was originally posted on 22 June 2014.

And because I know you’ll all want your own copy…

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Mark Barry can be found in many places but is also on Twitter @GreenWizard62


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