Crime, Conflict & Consequences

I like reading short stories to introduce me to the work of an author before I take on one of their novels. There are ten stories in Crime, Conflict & Consequences and as the title suggests this collection covering a range of situations arising from crime or conflict and the consequences of people’s actions.

Building these imaginative stories on relationships and misunderstandings Burnside has given us some frightful characters here. Gill from ‘Yes Dear’ is a particularly hateful woman and I did love it when she got her comeuppance. Also I wished that Bev in ‘Island of Dreams’ would loosen up a bit. It’s not only women that are the villains in these tales though as we find out with Mike when all his ‘Best Laid Plans’ are left in ruins.

At the end of these tasters of her work is the first chapter of ‘Slur’, Burnside’s first novel for you to enjoy and which based on her solid writing and good storytelling I’d recommend.

This review was originally posted 16 February 2015.

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  1. Thanks for the review Georgia, much appreciated.


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