I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kings and Queens and highly recommend it. The whole idea was well thought out and executed by Tyler with it being a modern day story based on Henry VIII and his wives but with enough differences for it to still have individuality.

For someone like me who has a rather tenuous grip on historical facts there were enough links through the names used and the happenings in the politics of the modern day office to see the relationship between the two stories and I thought the progression through the events was beautifully handled. I wondered how Tyler was going to deal with the ‘dispatching’ given that beheading is no longer a favoured method of getting rid of unwanted wives and was delighted with the satisfying endings she came up with. It was strange that although you knew the story that this was based on and therefore what was going to happen Tyler still managed to throw in a few surprises which added to its originality.

My interest was also held throughout with the story being told from several different points of view. I liked Will very much and Hannah and Kate became my favourites as I rooted for them against the rather unpleasant though obviously charismatic Harry. I’m hoping Tyler already has plans for a sequel as I would definitely be interested in reading her take on the futures of some of these characters.

This review was originally posted on 22 May 2014.

I’m delighted to say there is indeed sequel to this book, Last Child, which is now available and I have reviewed it here.

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