The Paradise Trees

I was gripped from the first page of The Paradise Trees when ‘The Stranger’ appears. His is a very creepy voice in this story where Alicia and her daughter, Jenny, return to Alicia’s fathers’ home to help care for him. Huber does a great job of building the suspense, as Alicia’s memories of her childhood start to come back, reminding her of why she left in the first place.

Meanwhile danger is lurking in the form of ‘The Stranger’ and Alicia, distracted by her demanding father and worries of what happened to her as a child doesn’t realise what’s happening until it is too late and she faces any parent’s worst fear. Well written and well paced Huber manages to keep the identity of ‘The Stranger’ hidden until it is too late. I was delighted to see that Huber has The Cold, Cold Sea due out soon and I shall definitely be reading it.

This review was originally posted 22 June 2014.

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