So…my cherished novel, A Single Step, is now available on various sites, its sales are pleasing me and today my first (5*) review was posted by someone I don’t know! My mystery reviewer has no idea how much joy they have brought me!  It’s exciting, more than exciting actually – it’s all I’ve wanted for a long time – for someone, other than my lovely friends and family, who always support me, to say – I enjoyed reading your book! I have been sunny all day and for those that know me – that doesn’t happen too often.

Immediately felt the pressure though – don’t want to disappoint with Book 2! Currently 50,000 and a bit words into Before the Dawn and Emma has got herself into a very tricky situation from which I am currently trying to disentangle her. However I don’t have much time for writing at the moment due to the social media world I have entered as I attempt to raise both my profile, and that of my book, online.

Now this is a world I have never inhabited before, and to be truthful have never wanted to. I am mostly a shy, quiet person – I say mostly because I occasionally exhibit uncharacteristic bouts of jollity but only once I’ve got to know you, or as those that know me would say only once I’ve had a glass of wine…I couldn’t possibly comment.

So here I am trying to understand Facebook and Twitter @GeorgiaRoseBook and trying to think of things to write – I’m an author I should be able to do that but I’m not a publicist so I feel there is another steep learning curve before me. I find the Twitter world particularly fascinating and the fact that I have followers flattering but slightly strange and I have no idea how you’re meant to keep up with the endless tweets – I’m a completer of things, it’s what I do, I complete lists and started tasks and not being able to give each tweet the attention I’m sure it must deserve I find difficult – or is it just me?


Currently reading ‘A Wanted Man’ by Lee Child

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