The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind is the second book in the Georgie Connelly Stories and it’s a terrific read. I really like the cast of characters Lindley is building through this series and she skilfully develops their personalities and interactions along with this compelling tale. I shall aim to write this review without giving away any spoilers!

Georgie Connelly’s mother, Marilyn, finds herself charged with murder and despite not having seen her for the past 10 years Georgie, or more irritatingly Georgina, is the one she calls for help. They are not close and as we get to know Marilyn it is easy to see why but as this story progresses so does the relationship between mother and daughter. Georgie is lucky to be surrounded by great friends such as The Delaney’s who are endlessly supportive and James Finn and Julie Sellers who have set up in business as private investigators and take on this case. Before long all are involved in much more than they expected finding themselves led into the dangerous world of gang warfare.

I was delighted to see James and Georgie getting closer although nothing is ever simple with those two and they are both good at sabotaging their chance of happiness. The end of this story was handled particularly well by Lindley. I found it poignant when it becomes apparent that a leopard cannot change its spots and the ending was both emotional and touching.

This series is a must for anyone who enjoys good, coherent storytelling from a talented author with an eye to turning out the perfectly written story.

This review was originally posted on 7 September 2014.

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