Some of my most creative thoughts happen when on a dog walk, as do my best conversations with my dog-walking buddy. So I thought I’d invite some of my author friends along to join me and my girls and see if I can find out a little more about them and the book they’ve just released.

Ruby and Poppy

Enjoying the summer!

‘My girls’ are Poppy and Ruby

Joining me for a ramble today is prolific contemporary novelist E.L. Lindley, who has come to chat to me following the release of the fifth in her popular Georgie Connelly series of stories, Blood Money. A terrific supporter of independent authors she also writes a highly entertaining and lively blog where you will find wonderful short stories as well as excellent posts of a humourous nature alongside those more serious and thought provoking.

Although the Georgie Connelly stories are a series they can all be read as standalone novels and E has also written three other standalone novels, Dare to Lose, Family Ties and Don’t Look Back, all of which are on my to-be-read list as I’m a huge fan of E’s no nonsense style of writing.


E. L. Lindley

E.L. Lindley is an indie writer and general lover of books in all of their forms. She has written numerous contemporary novels, including the Georgie Connelly series as well as standalone novels. When she is not writing, she is devouring the works of other writers and is delighted by how indie publishing has thrown open the world of publishing. She sees it as a win win situation, allowing writers to publish their work, whilst providing readers with a richer and more varied choice.

Lindley has always loved writing but produced her first full length novel, Business As Usual, when she decided to move on from her career as an English teacher. She now supplements her writing by working on a free-lance basis. This also affords her time to travel and she is fortunate enough to have travelled extensively throughout the world, using her experiences as a source of inspiration for her writing.

She currently resides in Sheffield in the UK but has lived and worked in many places including, London, Oxford, Southampton, Cheltenham and Brighton. She also studied for a couple of years at the University of Arlington in Texas and has consequently made many extended trips to the USA to visit and stay with friends. Her novels reflect this and tend to incorporate both sides of the Atlantic.

Lindley writes in a style which is both light-hearted and fun but with serious undertones, often tackling gritty subjects. In all of her novels, the characters reflect her belief in humanity and the fact that the human spirit will always prevail, regardless of the situation. Lindley’s primary goal is to entertain people but she is happy to take any response she can get.

Hi E, I’m thrilled to have you here today and hope you’re ready for a hike across the fields of sunny Cambridgeshire?

I’m really looking forward to it G and I’m so pleased that you’ve invited me to join you and the girls. I don’t know Cambridgeshire very well so it will be nice to get to see the area. I’m not normally much a of a country person, if I’m honest with you. I’m very much a city girl. I do lots of walking though and for you I’ve even donned my wellies and a cagoule.


I feel honoured E and you carry your welly/cagoule combo off with style 🙂 Now that you’ve got my undivided attention this is your chance to tell me all about Blood Money, encourage everyone to buy it and then to move it up their to-be-read lists?

Blood Money is the fifth story in the Georgie Connelly series and it’s a bit different to the others because it’s set in the UK whereas the others have all been set in LA. Readers familiar with Georgie won’t be surprised to hear that her mother, Marilyn, delivers a life changing bombshell. It’s news that leads to Georgie returning to her London roots and getting caught up in all sorts of shenanigans.


I love this cover!

The Blurb

One phone call changes Georgie Connelly’s life forever when her mother reveals a secret that leads to the pair of them heading to London. They’re accompanied by Georgie’s lover James Finn but it soon becomes clear that the situation is more dangerous than any of them could have anticipated and they’re forced to call on their friends for help. Reeling from the shock of discovering that her father may not have been the man she thought he was, Georgie inadvertently finds herself falling foul of the Triad. The more she digs, the uglier the truth becomes but Georgie has invested too much to turn back. Will putting the past to rest help her to see the future more clearly?

As you know E I am a big fan of the Georgie Connelly series and have False Allegiance coming soon on my to-be-read list, so where do your standalone novels fit into your writing pattern?

This is the first Georgie Connelly story I’ve written for a couple of years and I really enjoyed getting reacquainted with her. What I’ve always done in the past is alternated a GC story with a standalone novel but this is the first novel I’ve published for a while and I have a standalone waiting in the wings which is about 75% done. I hope Georgie will continue to be relevant for a while yet because I really enjoy telling her stories. I’ve tried to show how she’s developed as a character over time and how her relationships with the other characters have changed. Readers seem to like the fact that she and James Finn are settling into a bit of a domestic routine and I love exploring the complexities of her relationship with her best friend Callie. There’s also her mother, who has become a bit of a crowd pleaser. Writing the dialogue between Georgie and her mother is a sheer joy because they have such a love/hate relationship.

Triple Blood money pic

I know you’re an indie author E, but we all need help at various stages of writing and I’d like to know more about the team you have behind you. Who helps you pull your books together until they’re ready to be published?

I don’t really have a team as such. In fact, apart from the front covers, I have done everything myself. This is mostly down to cost because I choose to work part-time, and the down side of that is limited funds. It is a bit nerve wracking publishing novels when I’m the only person who has read them and I really appreciate the feedback that readers give me.

Crikey that is brave E! And very, very indie. So if you could choose to be any character out of any book you’ve written, who would you choose? And why?

I would love to be Georgie but probably only for a day. She says and does all of the things I’m far too polite to. Consequently, she is always getting into scrapes and her life is one long adventure. Having said that, I think it would be exhausting to do that for more than a day and I probably wouldn’t have any friends or a job left if I was as outspoken as Georgie. She’s definitely fun to write though as I get to live vicariously through her without having to deal with the fall out.

A few quick fire ones.

Cocktail or cuppa?

This is tricky because I do enjoy a cocktail but you can’t beat a cuppa. I’m a bit pernickety with my tea as it has to be builders’ strength with just a smidgen of milk. I don’t think there are many things in life better than a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit. Are we having a pit stop anywhere by the way?

All I have to offer are these rather unsavoury dog biscuits crumbling in my pocket E, there is a definite lack of a coffee shop in every field we pass but I do have a treat for you on our return 😉

Mods or Rockers?


Mods all the way. I loved the late 70s when Mods made a comeback with The Specials and Jam and all that ska revival. I don’t think I’ve ever quite moved on from the panda eyed look and I still like to give my Doc Martins an airing. Plus I could watch Quadrophenia over and over again – it’s such a good film. It’s not dated at all as the main themes like unemployment and disillusionment are still so relevant.

Which superpower would you like to have? And Why?

Another tricky one but I think I’d go for mind reading even though it could turn out to be a poisoned chalice. It would make like so much easier and avoid all those ridiculous miscommunications but then would I really want to know what people think about me?

What piece of advice would you like to give your 16 year old self – if you were given the opportunity to use a time machine!?

I think the most important thing I’ve learned as I’ve got older is that there’s very little in life that actually matters. Things come and go but usually everything works out. I tend to think that life generally leads us to wherever we need to be. I can remember being sixteen and feeling as though it was the end of the world when things didn’t work out the way I hoped they would. That old saying – when one door closes another one opens – is actually pretty much spot on. So I’d say don’t worry about the things you can’t control and just go with the flow. (Such a great philosophy, Ed)

I believe that perfect days are unplanned, BUT if you were to plan your perfect day what would it look like?

I agree with you completely, G in that the most perfect days are usually the ones that just happen. However, I’m actually quite easily pleased. My favourite kinds of days are the ones when I don’t have anywhere to be and can just do whatever takes my fancy. That usually involves going to see a film. I love the whole cinematic experience of just sitting in the dark and completely immersing myself into another world for a couple of hours. After the film, I’d meet friends for tea. I’m not a fussy eater and as long as there’s cake on offer I’m happy. Maybe a couple of gin and tonics to round off the day and I’m pretty much in my own version of nirvana.

Film Audience

Thanks for joining me E and I wish you every success for the sales of Blood Money I already have it waiting for me and I’m very much looking forward to reading it! 🙂

Thanks G, it’s been a lovely day – are we stopping for tea and cake now?

We most certainly are E, in fact we’re having the full Afternoon Tea experience and we shall feast dine like ladies!

Afternoon Tea


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17 Responses to #Author #Interview with contemporary novelist E.L. Lindley @LindleyE
  1. Lovely interview, good luck with the new book, I must say I love a good Ginger biscuit too!

  2. Lovely interview, ladies. Enjoyed the walk. Good luck with the book E.L. – I’ve bought and, being away for a few days this week, hope to finish the one I’m reading and start on Blood Money (somehow it’s crept up the TBR list – Hmm! Wonder how that happened)

  3. Thank you so much for our lovely chat, G and I must say that afternoon tea was splendid 😀

  4. Great interview, ladies 🙂 A bit like Judith, Blood Money is creeping up my TBR too! Afternoon tea looked splendid!

  5. Great interview. Especially fun for me because I ate it up. The book, not the biscuit. I enjoyed being re-introduced to Georgie and the gang. I love her mother Marilyn, maybe because she is not my mother. Ha. She gives me a laugh. Great character but none better than Georgie, herself. Personality plus. I like her strong devotion to what feels important to her and her great conviction. E.L. has a way with dialog and this book had it done well.

    Loved this interview. Loved what you said about how there’s little in life that actually matters. “Things come and go but usually everything works out. I tend to think that life generally leads us to wherever we need to be. I can remember being sixteen and feeling as though it was the end of the world when things didn’t work out the way I hoped they would.” That is such a good attitude and it comes across. Good for you!

    Nice visiting with you girls (Ruby & Poppy too) sorry I missed the tea. I do miss all the fun!!! Great interview!

    • I don’t think any of us would want Marilyn as our mother Brenda!! Although we love to read that interaction between her and Georgie. Many thanks for such a lovely comment, that’s much appreciated 🙂 You’re always welcome to join us for tea 🙂

    • Thanks Brenda, it means the world to me that you took the time to read Blood Money and thank you so much for your lovely comments. I think the only good things about being an old fogey is you learn to let things go more. The youngsters get the looks but they get the angst as well 😀 I loved visiting with G, in fact it was so exciting I got a migraine and had to spend yesterday in bed. It was so worth it though!

  6. A very enjoyable interview. I love that E. L. does all the publishing. That is a big undertaking.


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