reality bites

The Reality Bites anthology is made up of twelve stories on the subject ‘Hope from Despair.’ It is not a light read, although there is some humour in it, but it is an extremely moving and thought-provoking one where you’re often left with the thought, there but for the grace of God go I.

Some of these stories are fiction but others are presented as ‘faction’ or the representation of real life events in a fictional format, there are some, but not many laughs but that doesn’t mean all are full of darkness and bearing in mind the subject these were all written on, there is always hope.

The overwhelming feeling I got from this extraordinary bunch of writers was of heart-rending truthfulness. So powerful were these stories you felt the authors baring their souls as they wrote, the words pouring onto the pages like blood from a freshly cut vein.

I’m not going to specifically mention any one story, it wouldn’t be fair without mentioning them all they are all that good. Suffice to say I thought this was a terrific read that I would heartily recommend to all and I will certainly be checking out other works by these authors.

If this is one for you, and I hope it is, then here are the links…

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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