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01Nov 2014

I was nominated for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD a couple of months ago by Bill Cunningham, Diane Mannion and Emma Gray and you can find out more about them here – W.C. Cunningham Writes , Diane Mannion Writing Services and Emma Gray’s Blog!

19Oct 2014

This post is all about the second event I attended this week. I am fortunate enough to live in a very supportive community. Even so it took me a very long time to tell anyone here I was writing (see previous posts for details!) but when I did there was a huge amount of interest […]

19Oct 2014

It was quite a week this week, well actually quite a Wednesday with two big writing things on. I shall cover the second on a separate post but the first took place at Seely School in Nottingham where I had been invited by Mark Barry (aka The Wizard of Notts!) to take part in one of the […]

04Oct 2014

The Saturday before last (and yes I realise how long it has taken me to get this post out!) I went to the Writing and Self-Publishing Open Day organised by SilverWood Books at Foyles Bookstore in Bristol. It was quite a journey for me coming from Cambridgeshire and never having been to Bristol before was […]

10Aug 2014

I’ve been tagged in the Work In Progress (WIP) Blog Tour by prolific contemporary drama and romantic suspense novelist Terry Tyler (thanks again, Terry!), who is currently writing a sequel, Last Child, to the very popular Kings & Queens.  You can read her post HERE and follow Terry on Twitter @TerryTyler4. 

06Jul 2014

Six months ago I hadn’t heard of flash fiction and I can’t remember what introduced me to it now but I really like it. I’ve had an attempt at writing it and after manhandling my novel loved bashing something so small into shape. I’ve even entered a competition that Huntingdon Writers’ Group were running – but […]

07Jun 2014

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Wiz Green this week on Around the Cauldron. His interviews are hosted by Green Wizard Publishing who publishes the innovative works of Mark Barry. To give you a little snippet of Barry’s work I have on my ‘very soon to read’ list Carla – a dark and […]

01Jun 2014

Since becoming an indie author I have found myself deluged by books and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. You see I can’t refuse any book that I come across, whether it’s free, on offer or made attractive enough to me by its author – and as you’re all weavers of wonderful words, that’s not […]

08May 2014

I’ve been nominated by Terry Tyler for the Writing Process Blog Tour – thank you Terry! Here is her post Terry Tyler’s Blog Terry has written seven novels, her latest, which has only recently been released and is already receiving great reviews is Kings & Queens. She has also written a great collection of short […]


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