Thicker than Water

The 1st July is #IndiePrideDay so here is the photo of me with my book, Thicker than Water 🙂 Yes I know I’m hidden but I’m an introverted writer who doesn’t like the way they look and hey there are plenty of other photos of me out there if you rummage around on social media for practically no time at all!

Anyway in honour of this day I’ve put the finale to the Grayson Trilogy on Kindle Countdown so it is at 99p/99c for the next few days, right here…

head to head

But, better than that, because A Single Step is always at this low price you can actually get the whole trilogy of ebooks for less than £4/$4 (and if you chuck in The Joker, for less than a fiver!)


Here we go again – actually my first selfie!

You can find them all here… or here

Where else can you get so many hours of entertainment by immersing yourself in the world at Melton Manor where mysterious and romantic adventure stories (for adults!) abound?

Nowhere…I’m telling you.


So pick up your bargain copies today and sail into the weekend in the sure and certain knowledge that you won’t be lacking in reading material 🙂

Blood is thicker than water

Have a good one guys!! And pick up your copies, then you can find out what these random photos have to do with anything, though perhaps not this one 😉

lions 2



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2 Responses to A #KindleCountdownDeal for #IndiePrideDay THICKER THAN WATER #IndieBooksBeSeen
  1. The Emma Grayson trilogy is an absolute “can’t put down” thrill from start to finish. I know Georgia plugs the romance side of the stories but for me these are thrillers. The action is all very plausible and the technical detail well researched and thought through. Each book in the trilogy is a self contained read, but the full impact is undoubtedly achieved from reading them in order, A Single Step, Before the Dawn, and Thicker than Water.
    The characterisations are first rate, evidenced by the short story Georgia released that told part of the story from the perspective of one of the “other” characters. A masterpiece of imagination.
    In short I totally recommend The Grayson trilogy.

    • Oh gosh!! Thank you Andrew, I’m blushing at your lovely words and they are so appreciated today 🙂 Perhaps I should push the thriller element a bit more.


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