Some of my most creative thoughts happen when on a dog walk, as do my best conversations with my dog-walking buddy. So I thought I’d invite some of my author friends along to join me and my girls and see if I can find out a little more about them and the book they’ve just released.

‘My girls’ are

Poppy1 - Copy


They may look angelic but I can assure you that they’re not! And I’m hoping they don’t let me down today – when I have company!


and her daughter – Ruby

The first to don her glamorous walking boots with me is prolific contemporary drama/romantic suspense novelist Terry Tyler, who has come to chat to me following the release of her 9th book, the novella, Round and Round.


The terrific Terry Tyler

Terry Tyler lives in north east England with her husband, though most of her books are set in and around East Anglia, where she comes from.  She has published seven novels, one novella and a collection of short stories on Amazon, and is working on the eighth novel at the moment, with a ninth brewing, as well as various short stories which might become another collection. She’s very active on Twitter, and, indeed, if it wasn’t for this site would probably be on her tenth novel….

Hi Terry, thanks for joining me and I hope you’re ready for a hike across the fields of sunny Cambridgeshire?

Nothing I would like more right now, Georgia – I come from East Anglia and it’s one of my favourite parts of the country.  Can we walk slowly, though?  My knees aren’t what they were!


Well we’re certainly looking the part so let’s head off!!

Well you’ve got my undivided attention, Terry, so this is your chance to tell me all about Round and Round and persuade me to move it up my to-be-read list!

Oh dear, you know I can’t do sales patter!  Okay, I’ll try…. You should move Round and Round up your to-read list because….. it’s about a subject that fascinates most people – what if you could retrace your steps and make different decisions about your life?  Happily for main character Sophie, she is able to find out what would have happened if she’d chosen other paths, and what the future has in store if she doesn’t take drastic steps!   At 36K words long, it’s just a good afternoon’s reading.  It’s light but gives you plenty to think about and has a few twists in the tale, including a couple right at the end which will make you nod and go “ahhh, now I understand!”.  I had to learn to ‘contain’ when writing this, much more so than for a full length novel, so there aren’t any long-winded bits.


Take it that I’m persuaded Terry! 🙂

Round and Round was released a few weeks ago now, how do you feel it has been received so far?

I’ve been delighted with the response!  It was only ever meant to be a short, in-the-garden-one-summer-day type of book; but then it got longer and more interesting as I thought of a better ending!  Lots of people have said they’ve read it in one sitting, which is such a compliment.  Also, because it has a touch of the paranormal, it’s attracted some readers who particularly enjoy reading about that sort of thing.

I know you’re an indie author Terry, but we all need help at various stages of writing and I’d like to know more about the team you have behind you. Who helps you pull your books together until they’re ready to be published?

Well, most people know that leading UK proofreader @ProofreadJulia is my sister!  I do my own editing, because I don’t want anyone else to write my book for me, but I have Julia and another family member to proofread, and say “I don’t think that word sounds right” – is that copy editing??  My covers and formatting for Kindle are all done in the family, too – yes, I know how lucky I am!

If you could chose to be any character out of any book you’ve written, who would you choose? And why?

Probably Ariel in Dream On and Full Circle, because she is beautiful and talented – and a natural blonde!  Mind you, it might be quite fun to be philandering rock guitarist Shane, from those two books, too.  He always seems pretty relaxed with life.  Any of the characters who end up happy, I suppose.  Ava in What It Takes, Sophie in Round and Round, Cathy in The Other Side – happiness being more important than having great hair!


Plenty to choose from here!

A few quick fire ones then Terry.

Dog or cat? (if it is going to be ‘cat’ please whisper so as not to upset my girls – they would so love to get their paws on a cat!). 

Cat.  I’m not a dog person, I’m afraid!  I don’t dislike them, I’m just not particularly interested in them.  I used to have cats, though.  I like animals, but I’m not into keeping pets anymore.

Red or white? (I’ll accept rosé if absolutely necessary!)

White – I used to love red, much more, but one sip gives me heartburn these days, alas.  (Oh! is that what’s causing that? Ed) I’m actually more of a vodka girl on the rare occasions that I have a drink.  I used to drink buckets of wine but it doesn’t agree with me now.  (“Oh yes I do!” says the wine.) (See what I mean?)

Which superpower would you like to have? And Why?

I think the ability to stun people into doing whatever I wanted.  Is that one?  I was thinking about this while I was hanging out the washing just now, and I reckon it would be the best, because you could pretty much have everything, couldn’t you?  “Sell me that fabulous house in Cornwall for just £100” “Sure, will do, you’re the boss!”.  If that isn’t a recognised superpower, I’ll take being invisible, because you could do all sorts, couldn’t you???!!

I think that’s a fabulous superpower! And not one I’ve thought of before – not that I spend a great deal of time thinking of such things – of course 🙂

What piece of advice would you like to give your 16 year old self – given the opportunity to use a time machine!?

Only one piece?  I’d say, learn self-discipline.  Sounds boring, I know, but I’d advise any teenager to get into the habit of not eating fattening stuff (like the majority of women I’ve battled calories all my life), getting really fit and staying that way, and educating oneself properly.   If I can give her another piece of advice, too, it will be to realise that her twenties are the time to travel, have adventures, and know that life is just beginning – ie, don’t get pinned down in boring jobs, or in relationships that aren’t right.  Your twenties are the time before responsibility, when the world is your oyster – any young ladies reading this, take note!!!

I believe that perfect days are unplanned Terry , BUT if you were to plan your perfect day what would it look like?

Again, so hard to choose just one.  It would depend where I was in the world, etc.  I daresay I could have several versions of the perfect day!  Okay – I’ll have a go:  setting is somewhere beautiful like Cornwall or a Scottish island; somewhere rural, quiet and of amazing natural beauty, not too hot, near water.  A lone walk first thing, very early.  Get back to stunning cottage where I live to find that a mainstream publisher is going to publish all my books and any more that I write.  Two hours of writing while my husband sleeps.  A lovely, long, relaxed lunch with the catering done by other people, with my close family and dearest friends as guests.  Another beach/hill/clifftop walk, this time with some of those guests.  Then they leave us in peace – evening onwards is just me and my husband watching a new series of 24, or similar, in total comfort and with ice cream!  During all these proceedings I am a size ten and have the sort of hair that stays sleek even when it’s damp outside!!!

Actually, you need a week of perfect days to get everything in, don’t you?  What about the trip to the Grand Canyon, Alaska, New Zealand, New York in the 1930s, rural France, etc etc???!!

Click on Jack for The Greatest Jack Bauer Threats on ’24’

Thank you for joining me Terry, it’s been fun getting to find out a bit more about you, and I wish you every success for the sales of Round and Round – I’m looking forward to reading it!

Thank YOU for inviting me – it’s been a pleasure!

Here’s were you can find Round and Round:-

Amazon UK

And where you can find Terry:-

Terry’s Blogspot

Terry’s UK Arts Directory blog


And before Round and Round there was the very popular Kings and Queens

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! I love it! And I’ve just spend 2.48 minutes watching Jack at his most tetchy!!! Thanks – and for including my walking ladies pic! xx

  2. Great interview ladies, really made me chuckle. So lovely to find out more about you and your new book, Terry. All the best with that. I’m releasing my second novel on Friday so I’m excited about that! 🙂

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Elaine and so pleased you enjoyed the post. Good luck with the launch of your second novel – I shall keep a look out it and for your tweets and RT for you 🙂

    • Thanks so much for reading, Elaine – and masses of luck with the new book! If I forget (which I’m bound to), do tag me in a tweet so I have the link to RT, etc.

      Georgia, meant to say – red wine, yes, awful for heartburn! Also any of those disgusting acidic whites like Chardonnay.

  3. A great interview Georgia with some really fun questions. A prolific author like Terry must get used to many interviews so it’s good that you could find a new angle and introduce some novel questions.


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