Feline Cognition

‘Time spent with cats is never wasted’ Sigmund Freud

I don’t have a cat, the road we live on is far too dangerous for me to risk that heartache but that is the only reason I wouldn’t have one. As I’m writing this I’m on holiday and there are a couple of cats that have visited us so it seemed only right that I should read this book one evening to find out a little more about them.

The full title of this book is – Feline Cognition, Scientific evidence of cat intelligence and ways to test it at home. It is a short read but a fascinating one. There is an informative introduction which just showed how much I didn’t know, followed by a chapter on feline intelligence together with details of the elements and vitamins they should be eating to optimise this.

The chapters that follow cover perception, cause and effect, memory, cognitive dysfunction, sense of time, counting, discrimination, social cognition and attachment. Each chapter ends with an exercise you can do to test this at home with your furry friends. I did not try these with my occasional companions on holiday.

Feline Cognition is interesting, very well written and easy to understand. I would think this was a must read for all cat owners. Even if you don’t want to do the tests you will still learn so much about your pet.

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