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10May 2015

Last Saturday, the 2nd May 2015 was the exact day of the 450th Anniversary of Hinchingbrooke School, formerly Huntingdon Grammar School. I did not go to this school but my children did, in fact my son is still there, and in his last term. The sixth form is housed in the rather splendid Hinchingbrooke House […]

17Apr 2015

Now, as I stated in my previous post here I am just starting Marinade Month and whilst my work in progress is locked away from prying eyes and meddling fingers I have set myself many, many tasks to complete. The problem is that I’m not very good at getting on with them…I procrastinate (which is […]

14Apr 2015

  Huzzah!! I have, quite unbelievably, managed to stick to the relentless schedule I have set for myself this year (so far anyway) and this week, in fact this very day, I have delivered copies of the draft of Thicker Than Water to its beta readers…those lucky, lucky people who get to read my jumble […]

04Apr 2015

I was nominated for the Work in Progress Blog Hop by the highly entertaining Barb Taub who blogs mostly hilarious but also often thought provoking posts at Barb Taub – Writing and Coffee. Especially Coffee and who writes the highly rated Urban Fantasy Null City novels for young adults two of which I have reviewed on […]

04Dec 2014

Here is the final post introducing the last (but obviously not least!) author, Susan Grossey, on the Books: Beautiful Books stall on Saturday – taken straight from Alison Jack post here. My final introduction post is all about Susan Grossey, author of both factual and historical fiction books about financial crime. I first contacted Susan as soon […]

03Dec 2014

Alison Jack is the instigator of and organiser behind the Books: Beautiful Books stall at the Mill Road Winter Fair on Saturday the 6th December and not wishing to blow her own trumpet on her own blog I have done it for her here!

03Dec 2014

This post is again courtesy of Alison Jack and her original post can be found here. The fourth author joining me at Mill Road Winter Fair  on Saturday 6 December to be a part of Books, Beautiful Books is Shahida Rahman. I had the pleasure of meeting Shahida at Cambridge Central Library last December where […]


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