27Aug 2017

It’s hot but breezy today, a nice combination. We have last day laziness and don’t want to do too much so we head off to Hondoq Bay. It’s shallow getting in the sea here with loads of rocks around for interest. I always see plenty of crabs in this bay. Not big edible ones, these […]

13Aug 2017

Usually we would be getting ready to go home right about now so I am really appreciating the extra couple of days. It’s hot and sunny again today although a strong wind started up around lunchtime. We went to one of my favourite bays this morning, Dahlet Qorrot, which we get to via Nadur. Usually […]

30Jul 2017

We headed out to San Blas beach today. We first went there two years ago but gave it a miss last year as it is challenging to get to, or more importantly, back from. We left the car at the top of the hill although there is a small car park part of the way […]

23Jul 2017

With both of us being self-employed we have one week’s holiday a year and as you can imagine by the time we get to that precious week we are exhausted. This is my excuse for the fact that today we didn’t do much. It took a while to get going and even then we only […]

16Jul 2017

It was time to leave our cossetted life at the hotel. I fitted in fifty lengths before a breakfast that I took full advantage of. Well it would be silly not too! Our car was delivered and as we couldn’t get into our next place until early afternoon we headed off to get some supplies […]

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