The absolute best thing about having a holiday is being able to read a book in a day. This is what I did with Lindisfarne and there is nothing like it for truly immersing yourself in a story. So much so that when I had to pop to Lidl for some essentials I imagined I was on a supply run and found myself checking out the aisles for the best things to take. Read the book, you’ll know what I mean.

Terry Tyler really gets people and while her characters are richly rounded it’s the way they interact and what they think about the relationships they have with others, or that are happening around them, that I find particularly interesting.

Several of the characters from Tipping Point arrive in Lindisfarne looking for a community to join and live in. Everybody there has been through a bad time but this relatively small group of people have to try to get along with each other. And that’s not easy. They come from the entire spectrum of society and accordingly have different sensitivities. They are also all simply trying to survive, or in one case seek vengeance, and the story is full of drama, and death, because of it.

Fully absorbing, this story, as with Tipping Point, makes you think about how things would be and how you would cope should something apocalyptic happen. What sort of person would you become?

I thought Lottie was a star, Vicky, weak, although I could understand why, Heath, most excellent, Travis, stronger than he thinks he is and Dex, well… I have no words that wouldn’t spoil it for those of you yet to try this series. You won’t know what you’re missing until you do.

I will add that there is a helpful ‘The Story So Far’ bit if like me you read Tipping Point ages ago (and reviewed here). As for me, well I’m onto the next in the series, UK2.

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