I invited Dora Smith onto the blog this week to find out more about the person at the centre of my upcoming book, Hard to Forgive.

Welcome, Dora. Make yourself comfortable.

Thank you, Georgia. It’s lovely to be here.

It’s been difficult to find the time to get you on the blog. You are one busy lady.

Oh, I’m nowhere near as busy as I used to be. I don’t know how I ever managed it. Working full time and all those clubs and activities I used to do. Mad, really, but there you go. It’s the things you do when you’re young, I suppose.

Would you like to tell the readers about where you used to work?

I’d love to. I was the school secretary at the local primary school for all my working life. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and was always willing to help out in the classrooms where necessary. I even ran some after school activities. Working with the children was always such a tonic.

Did you find it hard to leave when you reached retirement age?

Terribly so. I pondered continuing but realistically I was finding all the modernisation quite difficult to keep up with. New computer systems. Online accounting. You know. It was making it less fun. I miss the children, of course. But I’ve had an idea about that recently that I’m going to pursue.

Sounds intriguing, Dora. We look forward to hearing more about that. I understand you are also on the group that helps out voluntarily in Sharon’s Stores.

Yes, although I’m not convinced anyone else does any of the work. But I certainly get called on enough by Sharon.

Maybe that’s because you get on well with her?

Hardly! Have you met her?

Yes, she came on the blog for a chat last year.

Then you will know she’s not the easiest of people. However, I do feel guilty, or possibly she makes me feel guilty, if I don’t help out because she is struggling at the moment. What with all that went on in February.

Of course. So, you’ve lived in Melton for…?

Well, all my adult life. One thing and another led me here and here I have stayed, possibly against my better judgement.

Oh, you think you should have moved? But you seem to have become so involved with village life I assumed you loved it here.

I do, of course. But I suppose I became rather obsessed, for want of a better word, with…, well, let’s not go there. Let’s just say I became far too involved for a while. Then when the opportunity arose, I felt able to cut back on my obligations.


Something changed, Georgia, and that allowed me to free up some of my time. That’s all I can say on the subject.

Okay, I think you’re holding something back on me there, Dora. But let’s press on. Which is your favourite village event?

Definitely the Murder Mystery evening. I love it. Although I do say so myself, I have a gift for sleuthing and can spot a wrong’un a mile away. My teammates are always amazed at how I solve the puzzle. I think it comes from loving Miss Marple as much as I do. I get such enjoyment at the way she picks her way through a knotty problem.

The Murder Mystery is coming up soon, isn’t it?

Yes, end of March. It’s intriguingly called The Poison Pen and I’m looking forward to it immensely. Although I do have to do something about finding some new teammates. It’s all most unfortunate.

I understand, but let’s not dwell on the terrible events that have engulfed the village this year, Dora. What else is coming up for you?

Mother’s Day. I, er, lost my own mother quite young so always spend it in some special way.

How lovely, although I’m sorry your mum is no longer here. Anyway, it’s been super to catch up with you, Dora. And I look forward to finding out more about you in future stories maybe?

I hope so, Georgia, and thank you. May your readers enjoy my story in Hard to Forgive as much as I know you enjoyed writing it. Although I have to confess, I am a tad apprehensive about what they may think of me by the end. It’s a worry, isn’t it? My story going into print for all to see. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Don’t worry, Dora. I’m sure the readers will be kind, and sympathetic.


If you’d like to find out more about Dora Smith and read her story you can buy Hard to Forgive from all the places you usually get your books. You can start HERE, or by clicking on the book cover below.

Thank you. x

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  1. …and if you want to play “The Poison Pen” just ask.


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