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I invited Sharon Beesley onto the blog this week to find out more about the person at the centre of my upcoming book, Shape of Revenge.

Welcome, Sharon. Make yourself comfortable. I see you haven’t brought a pet along like my guest last month.

Oh no, I can’t abide them. I don’t know why anyone would bring a pet along to an interview anyway. Not very professional, is it?

Er, I guess not. Although I think you know my previous guest. Laura Percival?

Oh, yes. Well, that does explain it. She’s not particularly business like. Although have you heard the latest—

Let’s not waste time discussing others, Sharon. We’ll get on with the interview because I know you are a busy woman and probably have a dozen other things you need to be doing. So, tell us, Sharon, where were you born?

Melton. Just like Laura, actually. Quite the coincidence.

And I understand you run the village shop? How did that come about?

Oh, I don’t just run it, I own it. And it’s taken a lot of hard work to get it to the place it is now, that I can tell you. We’re not all just gifted our businesses you know.

Quite. Well, as you work such long hours what do you like to do for fun?

Fun? Um, there really isn’t much time for that around the hours I work of course. But I suppose I relax watching the soaps on the television while I’m behind the counter each evening.

Don’t you ever get someone else to step in so you can have an evening off?

Well, I can call on a group of volunteers when I need to. Like now when Dora Smith is behind the counter. They call themselves Shaz’s Septuagenarians. Not a name I came up with I can assure you and they are absolutely no use in the evening. None of them want to work past teatime. But I suppose I do sometimes ask my husband, Eric, to hold the fort so I can have a long bath.

That sounds more like it. And do you have a close friend, or would that be Eric? He sounds like a terrifically supportive husband.

Eric? No, I don’t think so. Can your husband be your friend? I suppose… well, I’ve never really thought about it before, but I suppose Manda Babcock is my closest friend. She’s someone I can talk to.

And we all need someone like that. I believe you have a daughter too?

Yes, Daisy. She’s doing her GCSE’s this year and is under a lot of pressure. You know what they’re like at this age. However, she has a bright future ahead in modelling which is just as well as she’s hardly a shining star at school.

I see. And I assume if she’s sixteen she must have been friends with the girls at the heart of last month’s tragedy. That must have been a difficult time for you all?

Yes, it was. But we’re not dwelling on all that, nor all that counselling nonsense. I’ve told her she needs to focus on the future and move on.

That’s certainly a positive attitude, Sharon. Although perhaps a little time might not be a bad thing… no? Okay then…

So, a bit of a searching one to end on, Sharon. What keeps you up at night? Or with all that work in the shop are you dead to the world?

Just recently, my husband. But I won’t go into all that now.

Ooh! That sounds a bit cheeky, Sharon. The romance is still going strong between you two then.

Oh goodness, no! It’s nothing like the smutty conclusion you’ve jumped to. Although I’d still best not go into it all actually. Not here.

That’s an intriguing end, Sharon. Thank you for joining me today and I’ll let you get back to the shop now.

Thank you, Georgia. Do pop into the shop sometime, I’m sure I stock something you like.

I shall bear that in mind, Sharon.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


The Shape of Revenge eBook is now available to pre-order. The publication date is 1 February 2023.

Book Description


His secret’s revealed… Her revenge is silent…


A woman wronged. Her husband a cheat. Can she get her revenge without him realising he’s being punished?


Sharon Beesley, owner of Sharon’s Stores, discovers by chance the secret life her husband Eric is living, and once she begins to take her revenge, she finds she’s unable to stop.


Meanwhile, their schoolgirl daughter Daisy follows the tempting trail of breadcrumbs left by a much older man. But when they meet, all is not what it seems. And no one knows where she is.


With Daisy in trouble and her parents distracted by their own problems, everyone is surprised when help comes from an unlikely place. As does retribution…


Shape of Revenge is a gripping domestic thriller. If you like character-driven action, suspenseful storytelling and unexpected twists then you’ll love this exciting novel.



If this looks like something you might like to read, you can find the eBook at your favourite bookshop HERE. Or click on the book cover.


There will be a paperback and hardback available too, but I can’t put those on pre-order, so they are set up and ready to go, I just need to hit the publish button nearer to 1 February 2023.


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  1. Sharon squirmed a bit at the end, didn’t she! Poor Eric. And I think it’s obvious how jealous she is of Laura Percival. Thanks for this insight to Sharon’s character, Georgia.

  2. An excellent story well told. Georgia Rose is the queen of plot.

  3. I love these interviews with your characters. Certainly makes you want to learn more.


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