I am very lucky; I work for myself, at home and on a freelance basis for several different clients. It gives me a great deal of flexibility but also requires a lot of discipline and I found when I went back to work that that discipline was going to be severely tested.

I had to deal with the post holiday backlog and then my normal overload of work when all I wanted to do was write, having to fit that in to tiny pockets of time I squeezed in whenever I could. Struggling to sleep, as is usual for me when my brain has too much going on in it, I’d find myself waking at four and started using those first couple of hours of the day for planning.

Much as I would have liked to I was unable to get up then to write as our dogs, once they’d realised I was up, would think their day had started. Would expect to be let out, only to no doubt let me down by barking at some mysterious night noise thereby putting us at odds with our neighbours – and waking up the rest of the household! As well as causing a kerfuffle they would start demanding breakfast and walks – and it was far too early for all of that!

So I used these early hours of each day to map out the details of my story. Adding layers and building up a picture of the settings that have become so real in my mind I can’t believe they don’t exist. Later I’d find I wouldn’t be able to get the words down fast enough as they’d come in a torrent which was both exhilarating and frustrating as there was never enough time to get down as much as I wanted to before I had to get back to work and real life, my head still full of what was to come next.


Currently reading ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith

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