Georgia Rose - Before The Dawn


A woman recovering from tragedy. A love blossoming under pressure. Will an English estate’s powerful secret spoil her beautiful future?

Emma Grayson is starting to heal. Her growing intimacy with Trent, an ex-RAF property manager with calming protective instincts, helps her to cope with her tragic past. But when the true undercover nature of the sprawling Melton Estate comes to light, Emma’s old feelings of betrayal bubble to the surface…

Shocked by the Manor’s powerful and shadowy connections, Emma fears the clandestine activities will put her quiet job and her new romance at risk. But after the estate comes under attack from Russian gangsters, she must put aside her doubts to save lives with or without Trent’s help.

Can Emma find the inner strength to protect the ones she loves, or will Trent’s dangerous assignments take their love away under a hail of gunfire?

Before the Dawn is the second book in the Grayson Trilogy dark romantic suspense series. If you like plucky heroines, romance under pressure, and breath taking twists and turns, then you’ll love Georgia Rose’s gripping novel.

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Before the Dawn has been chosen by Amazon to be on a Kindle Deal through the whole of July at 99p. This is the first time one of my books has been chosen for anything by Amazon so naturally I’m delighted. They’ve told me it will be on a deal on the UK site and ‘possibly some other countries too’ but there’s no further information on that so if you find it has been discounted to the equivalent of 99p on your local Amazon store please do let me know.

If you’ve been deliberating on whether to get Before the Dawn or not (one reviewer had this to say about it – ‘a no nonsense, suspenseful romance with an icing of thriller’) this might be the ideal time and you can get to your local Amazon store to find it by clicking HERE.

Thank you for reading! x

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