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Parallel Lies is now out in the world and I wanted to make a post of all the wonderful blogs that took part in the tour – feel free to go and check out any of these terrific posts but this is really for my own record purposes as if I put it here, I know I won’t lose it 😀

I have often commented before, on and off line, about the wonderful world of supportive bloggers, book reviewers and other authors out there to willing to help the independent writer and this just goes to prove it. At my call for help hands went up all over the place and I’m truly thankful.

So here are the tour posts:

Day 1 – Christina Philippou kicked off the with tour with a fab post and surprise review

Day 2 – My Favourite Scene on Saylingaway with Noelle Granger

Day 3 – The Brilliance of Small Characters on Between the Lines with Cathy Ryan

Day 4 – Elizabeth Chats with… with Elizabeth Ducie

Day 5 – Standalone or Series? with Teri Polen

Day 6 – The Two Lines the Sparked Parallel Lies (including a review!) with Jessie Stevens

Day 7 – The Importance of Beta Readers and a lovely review with Sassy Redhead Book Reviews

Day 8 – A Review Post from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Day 9 – Cat! A Guest Post on including Animals in Our Books with Linda Hill

Day 10 – A Location Post with Linda Huber

Day 11 – A Q&A with Sonya from A Lover of Books

Day 12 – A Release Day Post from Rosie Amber

And the Fabulous Extras!

A Review from E L Lindley

A Review from Judith Barrow

A Review from Lizanne

A lovely surprise feature on Lemon Shark Reef

A Review from Cathy Ryan

A Review from Terry Tyler

A Review from Gayathri Lakshminarayanan (Musings over Nothing)

A Book Spotlight post on Musings Over Nothing

A Review from Julie at Whispering Stories who also posted it on her own blog here.

A Review from Book Lover Circumspect

Thank you one and all. I seriously hope I haven’t missed anything as it’s been a blur and my mind is a little frazzled, but I appreciate all your efforts in spreading the word on Parallel Lies.

Georgia x

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  1. It was a great pleasure, Georgia.Wishing you luck with your book.x


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