Jenny from Jenny in Neverland posted this tag a while ago now (here is her post) and left it open for any other book bloggers to have a go, so here I am! Thanks Jenny!



Top 3 Book Pet Peeves

People not returning books I lend to them.

People telling me they never buy books but will just borrow someone else’s when they have finished with it, when I am sitting on a stall selling my books, although of course I smile sweetly in understanding.


Your Perfect Reading Spot

On holiday, or actually any time I am away from the house (where I work as well.) Here I read last thing at night and first thing in the morning (I set my alarm early just so I can do that) at both times I’m a little dozy. However when I’m away from the house I can read for hours and can often get through a book a day and it is blissful!

3 Bookish Confessions

When I was a child I turned over the corners of pages instead of using a book mark – don’t, I can hear your gasps from here!

I don’t enjoy reading Shakespeare. I studied it at school and understood what was going on when I had the teacher deciphering it along the way but I’ve never fancied struggling through it since.

Not sure if this is a confession but I feel guilty that I’ve never read any Dickens (I have all his books!), and I feel as if I should have done.

Last time you cried while reading a book

When I got to the end of The Horse Whisperer. I was on holiday, on my own, on the terrace, late at night, unable to put it down.

Number of books on your bedside table

20, plus my kindle, so probably a couple of thousand on top of that (how can you tell how many books are on your kindle?)

Favourite Reading Snack

Well, in my perfect world, where I can eat anything and never put on weight, chocolate, or chocolate covered biscuits. In the real world I don’t snack on anything, mainly because I’m usually in bed!

3 books you’d recommend to anyone

What a question that is!! No, I don’t think there are 3 books that I could recommend to anyone, not without causing offence somewhere. There would either be too much swearing, violence and sex for Great-Aunt Millie or not enough for Cousin Ed! And if I started naming names among my author friends… ooh, shudder…

However, you can’t go far wrong with The Very Hungry Caterpillar now, can you? 😉

A picture of your favourite bookshelf

Indie Shelf

My Indie Shelf!

How much books mean to you in 3 words

Escapism. Relaxation. Entertainment.

Biggest reading secret

I’m not sure I have any reading secrets. Hmm…

I shall have a good think about this and add something if it comes to mind but right at this moment I have drawn a blank.

I’m not going to specifically tag anyone in here but instead I’ll open it up to anyone who wants to have go. Tag me into your post though so I can see your answers! 😀


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