Midnight Sky

Eons ago I started putting all the book reviews I’d written on Goodreads onto my blog then things got in the way and that good intention petered out. However, having recently checked through the list that I hadn’t yet posted here there are some really terrific books on it so I’m going to reignite my desire to finish what I started. Here is the first one and it comes with a huge thank you to Luccia Gray for the reminder! 🙂

I would like to thank Jan Ruth for gifting me a copy of Midnight Sky which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I chose this book because of its countryside setting and its romantic and horsey themes. The main character in this story is Laura who is living with Simon and the guilt of breaking up his marriage. His ex-wife (though they are yet to divorce) is irritatingly demanding of Simon and his time and I wished both he and Laura would stand up to her more. Maggie, Laura’s sister, is very different in that she is married with rather challenging children, the middle one of which is the outrageously annoying Jess who works at the local stables where her younger, slightly autistic, sister is learning to ride.

Laura and Simon are in business together running Dragon Designs, a property development company, and Simon, keen to expand overseas seems to show more interest in this, and his ex-wife’s demands, than he does in Laura. Through Dragon Designs Laura is brought into contact with the stables, and horse-whisperer James, who is still very much married to his wife, even though she died two years previously.

I very much liked the writing and excellent characterisation throughout this book. I particularly warmed to James who, still in mourning, worked hard amidst a life of disorganised chaos and I loved the descriptions of his house, dogs and relationships with the horses under his care. Laura and James become great friends drawn together by tragedy and Laura struggles as her relationship with Simon breaks down whereas James can’t see past the loss of his wife. Watching him as he tries to overcome his grief is heartbreaking but Ruth handles the progression of the relationships very well as they develop slowly throughout this story both for Laura and James but also for Maggie whose own family life is also in turmoil.

A lovely, easy read that I’m sure will be a joy for anyone who picks it up.

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6 Responses to #Bookreview for Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth @JanRuthAuthor
  1. Thanks for the mouth-watering review. Looking forward to getting my teeth in this 🙂

  2. I remember reading this lovely review. Thanks so much for reminding me to add to the TBR tower!

  3. I enjoyed it, too. It reminded me of your novels. I think it was the horses! I’ve never been near a horse myself, but I love novels including horses. Your trilogy has the thriller and suspense aspect, while Jan’s has more family drama. Glad you had already connected. Jan also has a Facebook page, Readers and Writers UK, all about books set in UK. I’m not sure if you’re a member. Lots of lovely writers there, too!


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