The BofW part 1

I have always been impressed by the professionalism of Elizabeth Ducie so when I had the chance to be an early reader of her business books I jumped at the chance. I have therefore received a free copy of this book but that has no bearing on the content of my review.

There is a comprehensive introduction to this book which sets out the author’s background and what qualifies her to be writing this book in the first place. There follows an extensive table of contents which covers everything from business planning, to getting paid and tax matters. Each section is broken down which I particularly liked as a lot of the sub-sections are very short and therefore easy to absorb.

Now, I run my own business and have done for many years, I also have my author business alongside which I run workshops on which I teach some of the content of this book. I am also very good at telling other people what to do and not doing it myself, so the first sentence hit a nerve. “The starting point for every new business should be a good, clear business plan – ” Have I done one of those? No I haven’t, which immediately made me think that perhaps I haven’t been taking my author business as seriously as I should have been.

This book is an excellent guide in setting yourself up in the right way. Even if you are already up and running in your business, like myself, there is plenty to learn here. Ducie also covers business structures and taxation in the US as well as in the UK so this is not all just UK based knowledge.

Ducie provides downloads for all the tools she suggests using together with references throughout for where to go for further information and advice. The book is not too long, is factual and informative, so if you are looking for a no-nonsense, easy-read guide to help you get everything set up in the right way I can highly recommend Part 1 of this series.

Next time I shall be reviewing Part 2 of The Business of Writing. Finance Matters. Yes, it certainly does!

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  1. I’m going to check this out. Thanks, Georgia!


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