The BofW part 2

I have always been impressed by the professionalism of Elizabeth Ducie so when I had the chance to be an early reader of her business books I jumped at the opportunity. I have therefore received a free copy of this book but that has no bearing on the content of my review.

I’ll come clean and say that because of the work I do in my own small business this book was the least useful of the series for me as it covers all the things I do day in and day out anyway. However I do think that has perhaps given me a unique perspective when it comes to reviewing it.

What I found was that this is a comprehensive, well laid out and easy to follow guide for setting up the finance side of your business. I say business there rather than writing business because this book would be just as useful for any business getting started.

There are again downloads to help you start recording your finances and everything is so well explained and yet still done in a concise way it really is helpful.

I thoroughly recommend this useful book and am looking forward to moving on to the next in the series.

Next time I shall be reviewing Part 3 of The Business of Writing. Improving Effectiveness. I certainly need that, even if you don’t!

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