Long Shadows

I wasn’t sure about Long Shadows when I started it. The story begins quite slowly and at times is overly detailed but I soon got drawn into Lizzie’s tale. Lizzie Tennyson is a loving wife and mother. Somewhat grudgingly she gives up her nursing career to move to the Lake District and run a pub with her husband and son, Alex. She really didn’t want to do this but surprisingly finds herself settling well into their new life and becomes an integral part of the village community. She’s sociable, always willing to help out with village events, and popular, making many friends along the way.

Tragedy does strike but then everything settles again and appears perfectly harmonious in Lizzie’s life so I have to admit that when the ‘incident’ came it took me completely by surprise and seemed totally out of kilter with the character’s personality but then the more I read the more I realised why. There is a lack of emotion in this read which eventually made sense and I was drawn on as the reveals came, one a chilling reminder right from the beginning that I had completely forgotten.

This story develops over many years and I don’t have the necessary psychological knowledge to know what was going on with Lizzie but something most definitely was and I enjoyed watching her thought processes, and consequent actions, throughout this read.

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  1. Tx so much for your review, Georgia. I did try to post a comment on Twitter but not sure if I sent it twice or not at all! I very much appreciate your thoughtful words and you are definitely right in your assessment. The beginning is a little too drawn out and with the benefit of hindsight, experience and another book under my belt, I would definitely write it differently now, whilst keeping the plot much the same. If you email me, I would be delighted to send you a paperback copy of ‘Evil Echoes’ as I’d value your assessment and feedback.

  2. […] read Julie Haiselden’s debut novel, Long Shadows, back in 2017. You can read my review here, and I was therefore delighted to be asked to be a part of her cover reveal […]


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