The cold cold sea

The Cold, Cold Sea is a book I read ages ago then put the review everywhere, apart from on my blog, so with a bit of retro-fitting here it is.

To say that I enjoyed reading this book is strange considering it is the story of a missing child which is every parent’s worst nightmare. I think what I mean by that is that I really enjoyed the way the tale was told to the extent that I was thinking about where the storyline was going during parts of my day when I wasn’t reading which is always a good sign. Huber depicts the pain caused for the family who lose their daughter, Olivia, as well as their reactions to the tragedy very well both in the initial stages and then as time moves on when they have to find some way to carry on without their daughter.

Without giving too much away there is a more disturbing element to the story in the form of the frighteningly scary Jennifer who has suffered her own tragedy and then Philip who I felt both sorry for as well as frustrated with when he failed to put things right.

Huber has all these characters, and more, off to a tee and this is a really excellent read for those who like very well written, emotionally intelligent storylines. I shall be looking out for more from this author.

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  1. Thanks, Georgia – glad you liked it!


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