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Ridge is an easy read, sweet romance between the eponymous Ridge Cauthern, an ex soldier recently back from Iraq and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and the vet, Mallory. I should add here that I loved the names of all the characters in the story. This is the first in a series which I’m assuming will be based on the Cauthern family which is populated by handsome sons, Ridge, Oakley, Chase and Luke and a beautiful daughter, Maggie – all of whom I’m sure have stories waiting to be told. The parents are mentioned but not named.

I do like to use my imagination when conjuring up characters but a little light painting helps to give me something to get started on and I had no real idea what anyone looked like other than the fact that there were all gorgeous. The brothers clearly weakened the knees of all the women they came across and I would have loved to have had some little descriptive passages here and there to show me why they were so fancied. I did like the closeness of the siblings though and would have loved to have known more about their parents as well – perhaps in future stories?

I have always loved a western so give me cowboys, horses, wide open prairies and cattle wrangling and I’m in heaven. However here I wanted much more detail – I wanted the dust and heat, I wanted to see the prairies, smell the sweat of the horses and feel the feelings that were at the heart of this read. Ridge was struggling on his return to the ranch after his experiences of war and initially pushes Mallory away feeling he can’t have any sort of relationship. This resolves itself quickly as his attraction to Mallory increases and, as they keep being thrown together because of animal based incidents, the inevitable happens. It was all so quick though, I’m not sure how long this book is but it felt short and consequently a little rushed. It’s probably only a personal thing and some, I’m sure, love a quick read but I like to dwell a little longer on settings, that for me could be perfect, and situations, that I would have loved to have felt in detail.

I should add that I really did like the cover design, the western style font and the silhouette I thought worked very well.

I received a copy of this book from the author, as I’m part of the Rosie Amber Review Team, but this has no influence on my honest review.

If cowboys are your thing here are the links :-

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