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I read Scribbler Tales on a flight recently, this collection of short stories occupying about an hour of my time. There are five tales in all and the first of them, Desperate Measures, was my favourite. This was the story of the downfall of Audrey, a highly acclaimed and brilliant scientist but sadly naïve woman who loses everything (and I mean everything!) by falling unwisely in love.

Forbidden Love is the frightening story of being in a graveyard after closing time in the search for family history. A nice idea but I felt the denouement was a little rushed and I would have liked the outcome to have been developed further.

Forever Lost is a romantic and beautifully descriptive piece of love, betrayal and tragic loss.

Sail with Me reads like a faction piece, where fiction meets a real life story. Aaron recalls his upbringing as a military brat, of missing his dad and of the best friends that came and went.

Lastly, there is The Hourglass, a familiar tale of a life offered to Death in order to save another.

I’m a fan of using short stories to fill those times when concentration is difficult to maintain or reading time is constantly interrupted. They also give a good introduction to a writer’s work and this well written collection was a welcome diversion that I’d recommend to all those looking for a light read.

For all those wanting a copy, here are a couple of links for you,

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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  1. I’m delighted you enjoyed the stories, Georgia. Thank you for your support.

  2. This sounds like a great collection G. Like you I enjoy a short story 😀


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