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Silent Night

I don’t generally set out to read feel-good or Christmas stories but just recently I’ve only felt able to tackle something short and I’ve needed that, I know it’ll be all right in the end, guarantee of a satisfying conclusion to make me relax and enjoy the read. So I was delighted to have Silent Night as my book of choice when I went on a weekend away.

From the struggles of a bereaved father trying to make Christmas just like it had always been in Project Christmas, to the difficulties two couples face in breaking from the old routines of their friendship in Together for Christmas, this is a collection of solid, well-written stories from an experienced author who knows exactly what she is doing.

The tales vary in length and cover different aspects of relationships and the interactions that happen between people at a time of the year that manages to cause so many stresses. My favourites were Silent Night, A Christmas Present called Abbie and Cancelling Christmas but I’m sure other readers will find their own preferences. A great collection for a winter afternoon when you want to tuck yourself away from the world and read some feel-good fiction.

I have given an honest review of this book, which I received from the author, as I am part of Rosie Ambers Book Review Team.

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  1. Many thanks for this lovely review, Georgia.

  2. You know, I rarely look for “feel-good” stories but, occasionally, they’re just the thing. I know what you mean. Especially if they’re short pieces like this. Thanks for sharing, Georgia!


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