So, thought I’d better do a bit of an update on the November NaNoWriMo challenge of writing 50,000 words. Currently I’m at 32,000 and feeling very unlikely to meet the deadline with only one week left.

It does feel good to be getting some of my second novel Before the Dawn down on the screen through. Remembering where my characters were in the last novel, what they were dealing with and picking up and carrying on their story. There are a few more plot issues to deal with in this one and I’ve already found myself (and my heroine!) in a tricky situation a couple of times this month trying to find answers to plots that worked in my head  only to find they don’t work at all once written down.

Interestingly after writing my first book, A Single Step, which I wrote completely out of order and in great chunks as particular sections came to me, then had the task of piecing them together afterwards which I thought must be the completely wrong way to do things. This time I thought I’d try to start at the beginning and work my way through in a more orderly fashion. I have to say it hasn’t been nearly as frenetic and the words haven’t poured out quite as fast – which is a shame given the current challenge! But I guess it makes a bit more sense when trying for consistence in my characters emotions and behaviour. However I then read an article in Writers’ Forum about Lyn Gardner who advises writing in that very way – the bits you want to when they come to you and not worrying about the order until later. I thought my method was a bit madcap but clearly not! Very reassuring and I might well go back to that method for book three.

So 18,000 words and nearly 8 days – deep breath – it’s going to be a very busy week ahead so no posts until deadline day when I’ve hopefully succeeded!


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