First month as a published author complete, sales ticking along with a 5* review in as a bonus, getting my head around social media (just about) so feeling pretty good! Wondering what the next month will bring? Well first up is that my book A Single Step will be available as a free ebook from Amazon on the 14th (it’s all about the love!), 15th and 16th February so make a note to snap up a copy – although there will be reminders nearer the time…

If you do take advantage of the freebie, firstly thank you for the interest, I hope you enjoy it but secondly it would be great if when you have read it you could leave a review.

So what else – ah yes – the paperback! I have been surprised by the number of people who have contacted me wanting a paperback version so having been kicked up the backside by a recent blog from Hugh Howey I have uploaded my book via Createspace and I have a proof in paperback form on its way to me.  Now I should say I’m extremely excited about the thought of actually holding my book in my hand but at the same time I’m tempering my excitement against the fact that I’m going to be disappointed with it. I shall explain – in order for me to get this set up for free via Createspace I had to sort out all the formatting myself and my limited IT skills have been sorely tested.

I’m not so concerned about the internal bits they looked pretty good – as far as I could tell. It’s the cover.  I was told when growing up that patience is a virtue but I have found out through this process that it is one I do not possess. I have found out that when I want something done I want it done now. This has meant that rather than spend a little more time trying to find someone who would be able to put the words that I wanted onto what will be the back of my book I just made a half arsed attempt at it myself and regretted it as soon as I hit the submit button. I know next week I will have to redo this and could kick myself but there it is, there is always something else to do – I shall let you know once I am happy with it and it is available!


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