I hope this post finds you well and coping okay if you are in lockdown, which I guess is most of us. It’s a weird old world at the moment, a tough time for many and we’re all trying to do what we can to support others. Reading is a wonderful way to escape from the current situation but when we’re also trying to keep an eye on our cash flow it can be expensive. This is where authors can help and many are making some of their eBooks free.

I know at some point in the past I said that I would never make Parallel Lies free, but that was before the world changed. Because of that I have reduced the price to free across the world and on every platform for the next few days and you can get it by clicking on the book cover below, or use the link at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy it.



The Blurb:


A woman with a hidden past. A new love on the horizon. Will the truth set her free or cost her everything?

Madeleine Ross has meticulously organized her world to leave no trace of her criminal past. After creating a new identity for herself, her only remaining connection to her previous life is the security work she does for a small-town insurance company. But when she starts falling for her handsome boss, Dan, she’s worried letting him in will expose secrets best kept locked away…

As their attraction grows stronger, Madeline’s attempts to keep Dan in the dark go horribly wrong when a dangerous ex emerges from her unsavoury past. After her former flame gives her an offer she can’t refuse, she has one choice left: ditch her life as a thief to let Dan in or embrace her shady dealings to destroy her only shot at a happy future…

Parallel Lies is the first book in a fast-paced romantic suspense series. If you like troubled heroines, character-driven action, and powerful emotions, then you’ll love Georgia Rose’s thrilling novel.

Download Parallel Lies for free to unlock a secret identity today!


I will also add here that you can read all of my books and audio books for free at any time from your local library. 

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