I wouldn’t usually publish more than one post a day, but, the good folk at AllAuthor have put together a terrific interview for me and it would be rude not to share it now, wouldn’t it?

Born in Northamptonshire, Georgia Rose was very fortunate to have spent many years involved with horses and living in the countryside and these are themes throughout her writing. Her children, she has two, are polar opposites when it comes to her books.

She owns a business providing administration services for other companies. She was a conveyancer, buying and selling houses for clients. She writes strong female characters and enjoys putting them in testing situations, and often in jeopardy. Her next book is the sequel to Parallel Lies. To sustain her writing life she simply plans to carry on writing what she likes while hopefully managing to support other writers in the way they do her along the way. Read full interview…

I hope you enjoy it! xx

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