I have been joining a lot of promotions recently for free eBooks via Prolific Works, Book Funnel and Book Cave and I’ve realised I haven’t been sharing them on my blog but only in my Newsletter.

The most recent to start is a Book Funnel one, Spring Romance (you can click on the title to go and view the books on offer). The full list is below.

These sites are great places for you to go and pick up free books. You never know you might just find your next favourite author…

Book Funnel – Spring Romance Reads 1.3.19 – 13.5.19

Spring Love and Romance 1.3.19 – 31.5.19

Spring Romance Reads 1.3.19 – 27.4.19

Romance Reader Appreciation Month 1.3.19 – 30.4.19

Spring Romance Giveaway 7.4.19 – 21.4.19

Book Funnel – Spring Romance 7.4.19 – 30.4.19.

Happy Reading!

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