I wanted to share something with you that I have just tried and found very useful. Brain.fm is what it is called and it’s music that you play through headphones to help you focus, relax or sleep. I used it for the first time to help me focus on the writing retreat I recently went on, and I am hooked. You can set it to last for different lengths of time and apparently the music it plays does all sorts of clever things to your brain to help you to, in my case, focus. It really worked and my productivity has increased. Plus I think that now I’m getting in the habit of using it when I put it on I will automatically switch into writing mode rather than constantly getting distracted by emails, my phone, or the thousand and one other reasons I don’t get down to the writing.

I only had 3 free days to try it out but have paid and signed up to use it for the next year because I found it that good but I have a referral code which will give you a free month. If you click here or on the image below then that will take you to the right place. I haven’t sold it very well but it’s simple to set up and if it sounds like something you might find useful I hope it works for you.

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4 Responses to Here’s a useful tool I’ve discovered – Brain.fm – to help you focus, relax or sleep… Top stuff!! #MondayBlogs
  1. Thanks for this Georgia. I will check it out as it could be useful. I tend to be scattered at times. xo

  2. Sounds like a really good idea, Georgia. x


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