So it’s been a while, I realise that but I’m trying to edit my second novel, Before the Dawn, and in amongst my other life it’s all a bit tight at the moment. Anyway in this post I wanted to have a quick recap on some of the things I’ve learnt in my first three months of being an indie author.

Just to get some perspective – all I’d done three months ago was upload my manuscript to Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo. I say ‘all’ as if that is dismissing the 15 months of work it took to get the manuscript to that point but I think for the purposes of this post you know what I mean.

I told a number of people what I’d done – readers of my previous posts will understand my problems with telling anyone, which is a bit of an issue when you’re trying to market a book! Then I turned my attention to Twitter and Facebook, understanding that was the way to go for an Indie Author, in an attempt to start to try and build something. Now, to those of you who are all over this stuff this may be difficult to believe but I have never had any interest in any type of social media, or in fact of any type of networking or really in connecting with other people at all – in my heart I actually believe that I would have no problem in being a recluse.

So Twitter – well the upshot is that I love it – probably a bit strong but you what I mean. It’s easy, I understand it, and I’m building a steady stream of followers and am following in return. I tweet, retweet, favourite and I enjoy the interaction I have with those in the twitterverse. I’ve been introduced to many brilliantly written, informative blogs and am as a result following several – I even have a few followers of my own blog, though I know there is much to do there to improve what I write and attract more to it.


Facebook – well I’m not sure I fully understand it – there seems to be various levels of commitment from ‘liking’ someone else’s page so you get updates to your newsfeed, to having followers and friends – I probably need to be doing more on that – let’s call that a work in progress.


I’ve tried to keep updating my website – I know it’s due an update now – perhaps after I’ve posted this! And I try to blog reasonably regularly but whatever I’ve done is working because my website is moving up the Google rankings to a not to shabby 15th place the last time I looked.

After a month I decided to publish exclusively on Amazon so that I could take advantage of being able to offer my book for free occasionally and this has meant that there are now several hundred copies of my book out there and I hope that some are getting read – I have a mental image of disconsolate copies of A Single Step languishing on tablets everywhere just waiting to be awoken.

I also joined Goodreads – again a good community feel, building a friends list, seeing what others are reading and receiving offers of books to review etc – all good. A Single Step now has a few reviews – I really had no idea how hard it was going to be to get those and I am hugely grateful to all those who have taken the time. Seriously you have no idea how much it means to an author to get some feedback.

Save an Author

However over and above everything else the best thing has been that via all of the above I have been introduced to many new and different authors and their books – I’ve made a commitment to ensure I review everything I read – I now know how important that is but I keep being seduced into buying, or taking up free offers of books – they all look great – and I now have a backlog. I dread to think what this must be like for a well known author!

There have been many others things, too many to go into now and I have realised I’ve not been doing much (if any) marketing of my own book – I don’t want to become one of those people who only send out endless tweets about their own books – but equally I need to send out some! So now support is building – and there is an endless supply of it in the indie world of publishing so I’m going to aim to be a little more proactive and see how it goes – I have another freebie offer coming up – 20th and 21st April if you’re interested? So my little call to action there – dates to go in your diary. There will be reminders!!!


Currently reading ‘Rock’n’Roll Suicide’ by Geoffrey D West



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6 Responses to Things I’ve learnt in the first three months of being an Indie Author
  1. I know what you mean about Facebook, Georgia. As someone once said to me, just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, they change something! I find I do things and it does something I don’t expect it to. Or doesn’t do something I DO expect it to!
    My social networking has been a bit thin lately. I’ve been head-down novel editing, like you. I kept thinking of little phrases to post on Twitter (such as, Just as I think I’m getting to the end of the tunnel, someone turns off the light!) but they never got further than inside my head.
    Anyway, hopefully there really IS a light of the end of the tunnel now and I’ll soon be able to lift my head. Good luck with everything. Hope the writers group is going well.

    • Hi Wendy, well I hope your editing is going better than mine! Very slow – probably because I’m trying to do this social stuff as well. I have a freebie offer on my book coming up so am trying to build things up but something has to give. I look forward to hearing all about the new book once you get that far. Regarding Facebook I just find it very strange with what pops up and I’m never really sure what people looking at my site will see – still I will persevere! The writers group is going well thanks. I did enter something for the flash fiction but the level of writing there is high so I have no expectations. Hope you get to the end of your editing soon and onto the next stage! Onwards and upwards!

  2. Well done with all your achievements to date Georgia. It really is a long hard slog for Indies isn’t it? Keep persevering and I wish you all the luck in the world. 🙂

    • Thanks Diane – I don’t think I do half as much as I should e.g. I have still got your post on how to get your book into a library but haven’t done anything further with it as yet. A little bit everyday is about all I can manage!

  3. Georgia, the very best of luck to you on your indie journey. Like you I was never a fan of social media. However, I have met some wonderful new friends through twitter and learnt so many things. Use social media as little or as often as you wish and use it how you want. I used to feel guilty if I abandoned twitter for a while when editing, but no more. You are right to lock yourself away to edit!

    I hope you find a good rhythm with Before the Dawn. On the marketing side, start small and begin with things you are comfortable with. I’m sure you’ll find your way. xx

    • Hi Elaine, many thanks for your comment. It is all a bit overwhelming at the moment and getting the right balance is tricky so I appreciate your wise words. I have found the support of the indie world on twitter particularly to be amazing. I have never received this sort of support in my ‘other’ working life and am really enjoying it! Many thanks for taking the time and I look forward to connecting further.


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