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As always I realise I haven’t told you everything I should do. These revelations usually come when on a dog walk or driving around the countryside and are then generally forgotten by the time I get back home. But today I remembered that I had forgotten to tell you all about TSP, or Three Shires Publishing, to give it its full title.

When I decided, a few months ago, to go ahead with doing the 2nd Edition of A Single Step several other decisions came about at the same time. One of which was that I decided to go the whole way and buy my own ISBN numbers. This led onto other decisions having to be made as you need to have a name to publish under in order to buy them.

I wanted a name that separated it from my Georgia Rose persona and yet would still connect with me somehow. I spent days going through every name I could think of and googled each one…you would not believe how many publishing/press companies there are out there!! I was staggered. Anyhow my wonderful BH came in a couple of days later and suggested Three Shires Publishing…I loved it and anxiously went off to google it…what joy! what happiness! It was not already taken – yay!

Why Three Shires Publishing? I hear you ask. Well while we live right in the corner of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire is 5 miles in one direction and Northamptonshire 4 miles in another. Three Shires Way is a popular walk that comes right past our village…perfect!

So Three Shires Publishing was born. Now I haven’t done anything with that as yet, other than get the ISBN numbers but I’m so pleased I have it in place. It gives me, I think, greater flexibility for the future. I can use different pen names under it, should I wish and I can publish the work of others, if I decide to.

Having my own ISBN numbers is a bonus too. I am going to aim to get my books into libraries in a while and it is, I believe, easier with my own numbers. I am also free to have my books printed elsewhere if I want to rather than relying on Createspace.

I have also gone the whole hog with my new covers too. They have taglines, as you may have already spotted, and quotes, which you haven’t yet had the chance too.

A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan and is especially used in advertising. I found them incredibly hard to come up with particularly when I went off to find examples, and then couldn’t get those out of my head and I thought I’d never come up with anything as good. I ended up bouncing ideas off friends, very much like a game of ping pong (they loved it!), until something eventually came together.

The tagline for A Single Step is ‘Love Comes With Its Own Betrayal’. It adds a nice little something to the cover and is useful to have for future marketing – it’s great on a tweet!

So finally the quote. I scoured reviews and blog posts where my books had been mentioned and amazingly came up with three that I am highly delighted with – it’s quite difficult to find a tight little phrase to use. These are all from authors and you will need to click open the pdf to see who provided the first one, plus you get to see the full loveliness of the paperback cover.

A Single Step – Final Paperback Cover

I think that about brings us up to date, other than to say the cover reveal and 2nd Edition of Before the Dawn is on the way…and I love, love, love this next cover, I hope you do too 🙂

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  1. I love the idea of a tagline. Yours is great! I’m looking forward to the new cover of Before the Dawn!


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