Okay, so about my change of direction. Once I had finished the reworking of my manuscript I was considerably happier with it and felt much more confident. I sent it back to Helen Hart at SilverWood Books who took a quick (and complimentary!) look at it and I asked her to arrange to have it copy edited as a final tidy up because I wanted to be able to present it in its best light.

I had a long think about how I wanted to proceed. I spoke at length with my daughter, a wise woman for one so young, who I’d asked to critically reread the manuscript before I sent it back to Helen (which brought up a few more small refinements that needed to be made.) And I heard the small voice inside me (the one that I always listen to!) telling me I should try to get published through the traditional route first. So that is what I am about to set out to try to do and I cannot tell you how excited I am about it! Though I’m not sure quite why I’m feeling so enthusiastic bearing in mind the likelihood of finding anyone to take me on!

I feels great to have reached the point where I’m now researching literary agents and putting together my covering letter and synopsis – how on earth do you get a whole novel onto one page!?! Anyway I’m giving it a go, hoping for success whilst preparing myself for much rejection!

Up to this point my blog has been a retrospective look at what I have done to date – although pared down a great deal – otherwise it would have taken another year to write! From now on it is as it happens and we shall see what the future brings…….


Currently reading ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith

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