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This is a sharing post for my visit across the pond to chat with Brenda Perlin, #LAPunkQueen, top ‘faction’ writer and fabulous supporter of indies. We couldn’t stop talking, apart from when we were eating the ice-cream sundaes! She asked many searching questions so if you want to know about my guilty pleasures or the controversy I caused over the simple coffee of tea issue it’s all here 🙂 Plus there’s a tasty review for Thicker than Water! I hope you enjoy!

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As you see above I referred to Brenda as #LAPunkQueen above and she has produced a superb book called L.A. Punk Rocker packed with short stories of the time her and her friends spent growing up in the Punk era. There are also a couple of fiction pieces in there from Mark Barry about Billy Idol – which have been read and praised by the great man himself! I highly recommend and if you fancy this just click on the book cover and head off to Amazon to check out some reviews 🙂

LA Punk Rocker

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