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I have listened to podcasts for a long time and when I started writing seriously in 2012 I found a few podcasts to download. However, for reasons that escape me now but I suspect were down to a combination of lack of time, being overwhelmed and a technology update that meant things weren’t set up afterwards in the way they were before, I stopped listening.

However, I have felt out in the wilderness with my writing for a while now and needed something to engage me again, and then I remembered, podcasts.

I popped onto iTunes to see what was available, and found that there were many to choose from. I subscribed to several, and probably far too many judging by the numbers downloading (eek!) and I started listening.

People listen to podcasts in ways to suit them, on long journeys, while walking the dog, while working out, etc. etc. I listen in my office while I work. Now, I should clarify that this does depend on the work I’m doing. If I have to concentrate then no, I can’t listen to anything. But there are times when I am just inputting data and during that having something to listen to is a blessed distraction.

The first one I chose was Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing hosted by Mark Leslie Lefebvre who writes as Mark Leslie.

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This podcast started in January 2018 so I chose to listen from the beginning as anyone who follows me will know I am a completer of things. I am now all caught up.

Mark has a friendly and enthusiastic presenting style which I like and his episodes have covered topics such as: The Healthy Writer’s Life, Optimising Your Author Brand and Audiobook Opportunities as well as writing process, promotion opportunities and finding the right professional to work with.

Episodes are between 30 minutes and an hour long which, for me, is ideal.

But what I really, really like is that Mark is very frank about his own writing career, his numbers and his earnings. This is just so refreshing and appreciated. Having a writing career is hard, making money at it is harder and it is great to have honest feedback from another author on what has or hasn’t worked for them.

As we all know writing can be a lonely business and I always find it helpful to have writerly discussions with others who understand because they have the same issues. This isn’t always possible but I’m finding listening to podcasts such as this one can give you a terrific lift in a similar way. So if you don’t subscribe already, why not give it a go?

At the end of each episode Mark does a reflective piece too which is a nice touch and I’d encourage anyone who fancies giving podcasts a go to give Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing a listen.

You will be able to find the podcast wherever you usually get your podcasts and Mark has a slick and informative website which tells you all you need to know.

Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

Images courtesy of Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing


Imagine my delight when I listened to the latest episode this morning and I got a mention!! Amazing 😀 Thank you, Mark. I appreciate the shoutout.

If you fancy a listen, here it is…

Stark Reflections

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5 Responses to Podcast post #1 Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing @MarkLeslie #amwriting #publishing
  1. Great post, Georgia. I don’t listen to Podcasts but after reading this I think I’m missing out on a great resource. Thanks for sharing x

    • Thanks, Shelley. They have given me a real boost of energy, plus, a thousand other things I should be doing writing business wise – haha! I hope you enjoy! x

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Georgia. You have certainly made my week! 🙂

    I am delighted to hear that you find value in the open and “stark” sharing that I offer on the podcast. All the best to you in your own writing journey!

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