NEW-KWL-Podcast-Logo-e1521740961819This is a new to me podcast. Kobo Writing Life is all about the craft and business of writing. I’ve listened to a few episodes of the podcast now and they have all been interviews. I haven’t checked out the whole back list to see if all the episodes are interviews but I suspect they are.

Kobo is one of those places that if you go wide with your books you should definitely have them and mine will be back on there as soon as I can get that organised. I’ve always liked Kobo, the company has a nice feel to it, and no, I can’t explain exactly what I mean by that it’s just that I often pick up vibes about things and with Kobo I get all the warm ones.

The last few podcasts have been interviews with, Ariel Bissett – popular You tuber, Maxwell Alexander Drake – award winning author and creative writing instructor and Sarah Wendell – writer, blogger and podcaster. All interesting and successful people doing many different things.

We all travel our own path and I find it interesting and useful to find out how other people got to where they are now, and it is through this type of chatty interview that you find out all this, and more.

You can find out all about Kobo Writing Life via their super website, link below.

Kobo Writing Life


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